By Athina Angliongto - 4:30:00 PM

WHAT I WORE: Cropped Sweater from Divisoria | Royal Blue Jeggings bought Online | Animal Print Shoes from SM Department Store

You are not wearing that today! - Mr. A

Sorry love, but you got yourself a stubborn wife. Ha ha! 

I bought this cropped sweater top last year on one of our Divisoria trips. I scored this cropped top for only 100 pesos! Cheap huh? The fabric is also very thick and nice. I just find it weird though considering that this is, after all, a sweater. I mean, who would want to wear a cropped top during cold weather? But anyway, this top is just fit to be worn in a tropical country like the Philippines.

I really find this top cute because of the mustache design. For a while, the mustache design became a fad like around two years ago. Many girls had mustache printed on their clothes, bags, cellphone casings, etc. I even saw a facebook page before that was dedicated to selling a variety of items that had mustache designs on them. Too bad I couldn't find that shop now.

Since this is a cropped top, I decided to wear a pair of high waist jeggings with it to not show too much skin (which of course, Mr. A hates!). This is what I always tell my friends who have cropped tops but don't want to really show their tummies - to wear high waisted bottoms. I didn't have highwaisted shorts lying around the house so I chose to wear the jeggings instead. I have had this jeggings for quite some time now and it's still alive! I remember buying this from TCAT for around 350 pesos I think. Good thing it fit me perfectly. You know how it is when buying online - the risk is that the clothing may not fit you. But luckily, this one did!

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