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My sister called me up one rainy weeknight and told me that she and her friend, Paul, ate dinner at this new restaurant located near our house called Lola Mommys. I could sense my sister's excitement about this new place because for one, it's located in Catalunan Grande where there aren't that many nice restaurants yet that could compete with those found in the downtown area (I would know because I spent 26 years of my life there) and two, because according to her, it's located just near our house. She described the place to me and I personally wanted to pay a visit myself so we decided to take the whole family there for dinner that very weekend. 

Okay, so my sister wasn't entirely right about the "located near our house" thing because Lola Mommys is located around a 10-15 minute drive from the start point of our street. When we got there around 5 in the afternoon, there weren't that many people yet and we were able to park properly thanks to the big parking space just beside the restaurant.


they sell farm produce

decorations to keep the place's aura interesting

that tuna so big!

wooden theme on the inside

very familiar television characters all over the place. the kids love them!

They also have a pavillion located outside that can be used for private events like birthdays and stuff


Pork Adobo
So I was only able to take a photo of two out of five? (5)? viands that we ordered. The restaurant's concept is just like that of a karinderya's (turo-turo; point-point concept) except the place is classier and, for the lack of a better statement, cleaner that most karinderyas I've been to. Also, they have many staff attending to the customers. If I counted correctly, there were more than ten of them. 

Don't even get me started on the price. I wasn't able to exactly ask how much each of the viands and rice that we ordered cost, but let me give you a general view of how much we spent... so there were five of us - Me, Mr. A, my sister, my mom and dad - and our total bill was only... drum roll please...

Php 380!

If my memory serves me right, we ordered one cup of rice each (5 cups), Lato (I'm not really sure because it was my dad who ordered that one), Adobo, Kare-Kare, two sticks of pork barbecue, sinigang soup (good for two persons only), sweet and sour fish and 1 liter of Softdrinks. I think I forgot one viand but well, you get the idea. Inexpensive. Period.

If these were ordered on regular karinderyas, I guess the total would be somewhat the same or even way higher than Php 380. My dear friends, I am proud to say that we have found a hidden gem in the Catalunan Grande area. This is definitely an addition to the family's favorite go-to restaurants.


When we were on our way out, the place was already jam-packed with people. I guess a lot of people are aware of the existence of the place already. And I don't blame them if they keep on coming back.

Lola Mommys is located at Sitio Ubat, Catalunan Grande, Davao City. You can check out their FACEBOOK or call them at 0995 031 1262 for more details.

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