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Yes, it's an OOTN (OUTFIT OF THE NIGHT) for this post because I wore this particular outfit to Valentines Dinner tonight.

WHAT I WORE: Red Dress bought many years ago at I totally forgot where | Emerald Shoes from SM Department Store | Choker from Divisoria

It wasn't really date night for us but we had dinner with Mark's side of the family at Spirale. To be honest, Mark and I didn't really have plans on where to spend Valentines day this year. Maybe it's because (and I am saying this with all honesty) that we both already feel that it's Valentines everyday. Sure, we fight and argue just like any other couple, but at the end of the day, we made a vow and we are definitely committed to each other. The giddy-ness (kilig) is still there, Valentines Day or not. Mark really does his best to be consistent, and I know he is not just doing it out of obligation, but because he really wants to. Same with me, of course. So yeah, the effort is there... each and everyday.

Okay so wearing RED on Valentines Day is definitely CLICHE but who cares? I mean, if I feel like wearing RED on Valentines Day then that's what I'm going to do. Ha ha! With this outfit, I didn't wear it because of the color, but because it is the dress with the perfect fabric for the evening. It just so happens that it is in the color RED. The sheerness of this dress is just perfect for the evening weather - a bit humid with occasional cold winds. I didn't want to wear something thick for the occasion.

As for the shoes, I wanted to wear my black flats (the one I usually wear at the office) but unfortunately, it's a bit dirty. So I opted to wear this pair of Emerald Green shoes since it's also of a dark shade. Every time I wear this, I feel like I'm Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz. Ha ha!

Oh, and I would also like to acknowledge the outfit of Mr. A. He looked SMASHING!

WHAT HE WORE: Long Sleeves Polo from Image Maker | Pants from Human | Shoes from Cole Haan

Oh yes, I'm married to this guy (insert hearts all over the place)

Ending this post with a picture of the Valentines presents Mr. A gave me. Thanks, Love!

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