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It's Monday once again and another post for so-called MAKEUP MONDAYS. Well, this post is not entirely a hundred percent about make-up. This post is about the stuff that I bought during our short Divisoria (168 MALL) shopping spree when we went home to Manila last January. I didn't buy make-up at Divisoria since I am pretty particular about the authenticity of make-up products. But I did, however, buy a few make-up tools that I really found very useful.

1.) The Pink Brush - I'm not really a fan of the color PINK but this brush caught my attention from afar. There was a small store that sold make-up tools and this pink brush was the first thing that I saw. I got this for only 120 pesos and I use this for spreading the BB Cream on my face evenly. I also use this with my foundation and contour at times.

2.) The Silicon Sponge - also known as the "SILISPONGE"; If you look closely, it's located at the top of the orange egg brush cleaner. Hahaha. Sorry if it's not that visible in the photo. The silisponge has become popular in online shops and I was lucky enough to have found it in the same shop that sold the Pink Brush. I got this for 120 pesos. I was told by a few friends that there are other stalls in Divisoria that sold the Silisponge at a cheaper price than what I got for it, but I think 120 pesos is not that bad of a deal.

3.) The Egg Brush Cleaner - I finally have one! I used to clean my brushes using only the palm of my hands but not anymore thanks to this egg brush cleaner. I got this for only 80 pesos.

4.) Paddle Brush - I already bought a paddle brush before but it won't hurt to have a back up, right? I got this paddle brush for only 120 pesos. I only use this one as a back-up whenever I clean my main paddle brush that I bought from LA Girl. It's surprisingly smooth and it is almost of the same quality as my other paddle brush. Not bad at all!

5.) False Eyelashes - 100 pesos for 10 pairs of falsies? No second thoughts... shut up and take my money!

That's it for the make-up tools that I bought from Divisoria. Aside from these tools, I also bought a few additions to my closet and accessories collection.

6.) Beaded Necklaces - I was supposed to buy only one necklace but I couldn't decided between these two. So I just followed my long time motto in shopping "If you can't decide, buy in all colors!". It's not the most practical motto but hey, it makes me happy!

7.) 150 Peso Shoes - That's right! Bought these shoes for only 150 pesos per pair. Such beauties! 

8.) Hand Bracelet (?) - I'm not really sure what this hand thingamajig is called but I've seen celebrities wearing something like this on Instagram. I wanted to buy one but I couldn't find something like this in Davao City. When I saw this at the 2nd floor of 168 mall, boom! Bought it immediately. I got this for only 200 pesos. 

9.) Wrap Around Chokers - I have a thing for chokers and I love wearing them together with my OOTDs. I bought two during our Divisoria trip - one in Camel Brown with a star pendant, and the other one in Black with a blue eye pendant (shown below). They cost only 30 pesos each.

Divisoria is definitely my happy place and I can't wait to go back to Divisoria and buy MORE things. Maybe during my next visit I'll try going to the other malls aside from 168 Mall.

By the way, check out my Divisoria Haul Vlog now up on my Youtube Channel.

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