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WHAT I WORE: Black Bodycon dress, a gift from a friend| Skirt bought in Bangkok | Wooden Necklace bought in Monumen Nasional, Jakarta | Bronze Glitter Flats from SM Supermarket

It is the rarest of times that I wear something like this to work on a Friday. I usually just wear my company red collared shirt and a pair of dark pants to work but with the unending rainy weather last week, my red shirt did not dry on time. So here I am, wearing this all-black-ish outfit on a Friday.

The top I wore is actually a Black Bodycon dress. As mentioned in one of my previous posts (click here), I sometimes use bodycon dresses as tops and tuck these in pants, skirts, shorts, etc. I do this to lessen the chances of the top getting tucked out – which becomes very annoying at times. This is what happens with my current uniform. My top is too short that it ALWAYS tucks out of my skirt and I have to fix it every now and then. I try to avoid that by wearing bottoms over long tops or fitted dresses.

The necklace is definitely something I want to brag about. I bought this wooden necklace during one of my trips to Jakarta for only 10,000 Rupiahs ( Php 38). You read it right... 38 pesos! And it is definitely made of great quality. I actually bought a ton of these. I was supposed to give them as gifts but when I came back home, I was like NAH... I'm gonna keep them all!

The skirt is a great steal from my Bangkok trip. I actually made a VLOG about my Bangkok haul but when I reviewed the VLOG, I was unable to include this skirt. I got this one for around 200 baht (Php 280 pesos). What I love about this skirt is the fabric used. It is also stretchable and can fit a girl who is a size or two bigger than me. Oh and about the design, it looks like a collage of a couple of flags of the United Kingdom. I will make this skirt a reminder for me to soon explore the UK and it’s definitely written on my Bucket List. Hence the title: “ON THE BUCKET LIST”

For the mean time, here's a link to my Pratunam Haul which I shot after I went to Bangkok. Gahhh, aside from the UK, I badly want to go back to Thailand right now. Soon... definitely soon.

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