By Athina Angliongto - 9:34:00 PM

WHAT I WORE: Denim Overalls bought online | Lace Top bought at Divisoria | White Sneakers from SM Department Store |Sunglasses from Sunnies by Charlie | Large Black Bag bought from a friend

I have always wanted to try pairing denims and lace. I finally got the chance to do so in one fine Sunday afternoon.

The weather was fine. It wasn’t that hot so it was definitely okay to wear this lace top that I bought from Divisoria around three years ago for only Php 150. Mr. A actually commented that the top looked too thick and that I might feel uncomfortable wearing. He thinks it’s better if I wore the top during cold weather. But in reality, the fabric of the lace is really thin. That’s actually the perfect top to wear during even during the humid weather. Let me put it this way – most girls would wear tops that show a bit of skin in order to balance out the weather (e.g. sleeveless tops on hot days), but clothes like this lace top is the ideal top for conservatism despite the heat. No need for some skin action right there.

My first choice to pair with the lace top was one of my tattered jeans. While I was looking for it, I chanced upon this pair of denim overalls, which I totally forgot that I had (typical me). I decided to wear this one instead. I bought this from SAM CLOSET by Diohanna Bacus, an online seller in Facebook. (Btw, she has lots of great thrifted items for sale and she uploads new collections every now and then. Check out her Facebook account - Diohana Bacus).

Of course, white sneakers are the perfect shoes to go with this combination. I know, I know… the sneakers are so dirty. I will clean it soon and will probably make a tutorial about it.

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