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Hello lovelies! I am back with another post about my monthly favorites. For this blog post, I have decided to merge all my favorites from February to March of this year since it is not that many for each month. It would be a pretty boring blog post if I did one for each month.


LINDT Swiss Dark Chocolate – my bestfriend, Iris, gave this to me last February along with a pair of Harem pants from Vietnam (which I will feature soon on a separate post). The dark chocolate content is just perfect – not too bitter – unlike other dark chocolates.

MEIJI Milk Chocolate – this is actually my grandmother in law’s favorite. We bought this during one of our late night trips to the drug store. She insisted that I try one bar. After doing so, I fully understood why Amah likes this chocolate so much. It has milk content but it’s not too sweet. Plus, it’s not expensive - Php 50.

DOVE Volume Dry Shampoo – this is one of my purchases from BEAUTYMNL last February. A go to beauty item of mine if I don’t feel so confident with my hair. I personally do not shampoo every single day but only up to two days. It is because I do not want my hair color to fade that fast. The dry shampoo helps refreshing my hair without the need to wash it.

CONCEALER PALETTE – I bought this together with the DOVE Dry Shampoo from BEAUTYMNL. I have watched Youtube Beauty Vloggers use palettes like this one and I want to try it myself since I have an uneven skin tone on my face. I will make a separate blog post about this once I have fully mastered how to use the palette.


HUMAN NATURE Sulfate Free Strengthening Shampoo – Since I just had my hair colored care of Buddy Congson, I decided to purchase a sulfate free shampoo (thanks to the recommendation of the Davao Bloggers Society Glam Squad) to take further care of my crowning glory.

Just to give a brief background about sulfate contents in shampoos, these are the ones responsible for total cleansing of the hair – separating the oil and dirt from the scalp and the hair follicles – and aids in washing the oil and dirt off the body. It serves its purpose, right? Well, the saying “too much of something is bad enough” is also applicable with sulfate shampoos, and this is something that we never notice. As the shampoo cleanses the hair, the sulfate content not only takes the oil off the body but also strips off the protective oils needed by the hair. Aside from this, once sulfate comes into contact with our eyes, it stings terribly creating tears for protection. Oh and did I mention too much of the sulfate content also dries our hair and scalp? Yes, it does.

This is where sulfate free shampoos come into the picture. But the downside, as per my observation, is that they don’t produce bubbles that much. The first time I tried this sulfate free shampoo, I didn’t feel as clean as much versus using my old regular shampoo. But now I fully understood why – and that is to not totally strip off the natural oils from the hair. Retaining a bit of the natural oils is good to protect the hair, especially for those with colored hair. This is definitely my goal as of the moment. Hence, this shampoo is just what I need. Just as long as my hair still gets cleaned, then I’m sold.

BEACHBORN Classy Not Brassy Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoo – I bought this one from a local seller of BEACHBORN products. I have tried their Sea Salt Spray and I am still using it up to this day. The Purple Shampoo is something new for me. Buddy Congson, master colorist who did my hair make over, advised us to use this one to retain the hair’s color and to avoid getting a yellow and brassier tone.  If you look at the color wheel, purple tones are opposites of the yellow tones. Hence, the purple color neutralizes the yellow color. This shampoo is just perfect for those who, like me, don’t want that brassiness tone on my colored hair over time.

COLOURPOP Highlighter (Stole the Show) – out of all the highlighters of Colourpop, this shade was the one that really caught my attention. The name really lives up to its shade – STOLE THE SHOW! I love how this highlighter really brings out that pop of glow on my face when I put it on. I don’t use it on a daily basis though. I only apply this one during date nights with Mr. A.

COLOURPOP Ultra Metallic Lip (Lights Out) – another addition to my growing Colourpop Metallic Lip Collection. I love this lippy. I can liken this lippy to that of a highlighter. It’s a soft gold lip cream that I use alone or sometimes, I mix it with my other lipsticks to bring some highlights on the lips. I regret not buying two of these. When I checked back on Colourpop’s website, I couldn’t find this shade anymore. Sad.

CRISSA white shoes – I have been dying to buy a new pair of white shoes for a while now. Mr. A and I saw this by chance one evening when we were on our way out from the mall to the parking lot in Gaisano Mall. It was as if the pair of shoes was calling me from the display section – “BUY ME, BUY ME”. Creepy? Nah, I think it’s destiny!
Growing up, I have known CRISSA as a brand famous among teenagers. The brand is known for fit faded jeans and ribbon styled tops. It wasn’t until that night that I found out that they have also started selling shoes.
This pair of shoes is really nice and it’s a break from my usual sneaks with shoe laces. The shoes is secured by velcro which makes it time efficient to wear it on and also during removal. It also has a mini wedge support that gives me a bit of height without sacrificing comfort. The shoes were originally priced at Php 700 but thanks to CRISSA’s generous 20% discount, I got this for only Php 580.

Those are my monthly favorites for the months of February and March. Until the next monthly favorites post.

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