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WHAT I WORE: Orchid Jumpsuit, bought online | Shoes, Diana Ferrari (wedding gift from my Auntie Pamela) | Choker from Divisoria

This has got to be one of my most requested blog posts so far this year.

I posted a picture of me wearing the jumpsuit a couple of weeks ago on my Facebook Account and three pictures on my Instagram Account and I received a few messages as to where did I buy this Jumpsuit, when am I going to blog about it, and if the jumpsuit I wore is expensive. The details, my friends, are in this blog post.

I wore this outfit during the night of the Mr. and Ms. Finance 2017 pageant where I was one of the judges. I was supposed to wear a maxi dress but I couldn't find the one I wanted. Turns out, I left it at my parents' house. Bummer. So this outfit was a last minute choice.

With all honesty, I totally forgot exactly what Online Shop I bought the jumpsuit. I am an online shopping rat and I pretty much shop at a lot of different online stores but I am certain that I bought this one from an Online Shop on Facebook. I bought the jumpsuit for only Php 250. I know, it's really inexpensive! The fabric is a bit thick though but since it is sleeveless in style, I didn't find it uncomfortable to wear especially since the venue of the pageant was indoors and did not really have that much ventilation.

The shoes that my aunt gave me as a wedding gift (which I also wore to my Wedding) were the perfect pair to match with the jumpsuit. I'm really thankful to have an aunt who has great fashion taste. The shoes are perfect even when worn with casuals. The mini wedge is just perfect to give me a bit of height but minus the pain that comes along with other shoes with heels.

As for the choker, it was sort of a "no choice" decision since I couldn't find my gold necklace which I originally wanted to wear. But I figured that if I wore gold, the color would sink with the colors of the jumpsuit. I didn't want that to happen. The choker was a good decision after all since the black color was solid and strong enough of a color that will not sink with the colors of the jumpsuit.

I appreciate all the messages that I receive whenever I post OOTDs. I want to take this rrvery interesting. You guys are indeed the best! Keep 'em coming!

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