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Another month has passed which means, I have another set of Monthly Favorites to share with all of you. For the month of April, my favorites are a mix of make-up, food and other useful stuff that I am very happy to own as of the moment. Here are eleven of my favorites for the month of April 2017.

Let's start with


1.) MORPHE 35S SHIMMER PALETTE - I bought this one from one of my blogger friends, Ariane of Always Arianne, who owns Instagram Online Shop   PICKEDPH. I love shimmery eye shadows and hence, this palette. Yay! My first ever Morphe Palette.

2.) INGRID COSMETICS MAKE UP BASE - Bad News: I ran out of Elf Primer. Worse News: I was unable to find the Elf Primer that I usually use at SM Department stores in Davao City. Good New: I discovered this Make Up Base from Ingrid Cosmetics which I now use as an alternative to the Elf Primer. I got this for only Php 499 and I have been loving this one so far. When I apply my make up, it glides smoothly on my face. Just what I need. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Elf Primer. I think I'll be maintaining both products.


3.) L.A. GIRL MATTE LIPSTICK IN BLUE - for those of you who do not know, BLUE is actually my favorite color. It's a bit boyish but that's just how it is. When I saw this blue lipstick at NCCC Mall Department Store, I just had to have it. I tried it on once but did not take a picture of it. I will make a separate post about this one soon.


4.) L.A. COLORS JUMBOEYEPENCIL IN GOLD - who says gold is just for the oldies? Not me! I love this color too! It's just so, errr... golden? I can't really find the right words to describe my love for the color gold. So when I saw this jumbo eye shadow pencil displayed a few inches next to the L.A. Girl Blue Matte Lipstick, I grabbed one right away. Photos of me wearing this one soon.

Up next, FOOD

5 and 6.) JAPANESE GOODIES - these two are a pasalubong from my boss who recently went to Japan. It was my first time to taste the Matcha Chocolate and it was really good. It sort of reminded me of the Kitkat in Green Tea flavor. The other one, Chocolat Blanc Et Langue de Chat, is one of my favorite Japanese snacks. I first tasted this one when my sister in law brought some during one of her visits in Davao. A week before visiting, she went to Japan with her officemates and bought a bunch of these which I was able to try. And boy, were they yummy indeed!


7.) DRESSER - hurray for a new dresser where I can put all my make up stuff on, in and under it. Oh, and sure, some of Mr. A's things too. (just not a lot. it's mine! Lol)

 I can even put stuff inside the seat. This has so many drawers and compartments in it. 

8.) STARBUCKS DRINK BOTTLE - I won this one from one of Ate Ria Jose's Youtube Video Prizes. Check out her youtube channel right HERE and she has lots of giveaways too. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next winner!

9.) OWL BAG FROM JAKARTA - if you are an avid reader of my blog, you would know that I am a sucker for anything with owl prints on it. From clothes, to accessories to bags, you name it. If it has an owl on it, I'm sold! My Auntie May, who resides in Indonesia, sent me this bag because she remembered my love for the animal. This big bag is perfect to use during those weekend getaways or just during days when I need to bring loads of things. Just perfect! Thanks again, Auntie :)

10.) SOAPS FROM INDONESIA - this came with the bag that my Aunt sent me. I have always been a fan of scented soaps. Probably because I am really obsessed with making myself smell nice (although sometimes the heat of the sun and sweat just get the best of me, tsk). I haven't tried all three soaps yet but I am really excited to start using these and add this one to my daily bath routine. 

11.) FRIXION COLORS BALLPENS - I won this from my Auntie Pamela's online bidding among me and my other cousins. I am a sucker for colored ballpens and I am so happy I won this. A new addition to my growing colored ballpens collection. Thanks Auntie!

There you have it - my favorites for the month of April. Stay tuned for my other future posts and for my favorites for this month of May.

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