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WHAT I WORE: Mickey Mouse Mini Dress (worn as a shirt), bought online | Black and White Checkered Pants, bought from my friend Xiena | Sky Blue Moccasins, Shoe Box from SM Supermarket | Black Bag, Bandung, Indonesia | Bracelet from Third Eye Gemstones

Summer has indeed made its presence felt. But that does not stop me at all from covering myself. I know, I know... I should be wearing tank tops, shorts and slides but it's not really necessary for me.

I am one of the lucky ones, and by that I mean I can "survive" the heat even if I wear tops with sleeves or if I wear full length pants. Some aren't as lucky as I am... choosing to wear little to no clothing at all because yeah, Mr. Sun's rays are a pain in the behind. Again, lucky me, there's no need for me to show some skin during the summertime to survive.

This top is actually a mini dress but I chose to wear it as a top and tucked inside this pair of pants. I mentioned this is one of my previous blog posts that long tops or fitted dresses are the best ones to tuck in because of their length and it doesn't easily get tucked out. Gah, I just hate it when a top gets tucked out every now and then especially if I bend, stretch, etc. I need to move, of course! I just couldn't freeze myself and not do anything so that the top won't get messed up. 

Ah, the ever reliable flat shoes. The light blue color of the shoes gives the whole outfit the POP of color that it needs. The top is white, the pants are of black and white. The color doesn't make the OOTD dull at all. 

Since it's already summer, it is a MUST to have a pair of sunnies on hand... ALWAYS! It's really important to take care of one's eyes. This pair here is a gift from Mr. A which I blogged a while ago. Read all about it ------> HERE

The white bracelet is a gift from my cousin, Ate Janella, while the Black and Brown one is a gift from my Aunt which is from Third Eye Gemstones. I'll blog more about this soon. These two bracelets are my favorite arm candies as of the moment.

so, what do you think of my look? if you ask me if I'm comfortable wearing this on a summer day. YES.. YES I AM =)

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