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What I Wore: Fedora Hat, borrowed from Mr. A | Pink Kimono, bought Online | White Sleeveless Top, a boutique at NCCC Mall | Green Shorts, bought Online | Green Jelly shoes, Celine | Shades, Sunnies Studios (formerly Sunnies by Charlie) | Bracelet, from Boracay

I have lived in a tropical country all my life. Most of the clothes on my rack are utterly dedicated for the summer season. I do have sweaters here and there which I only get to use during nights or the rarest of cold days. Let’s save that for another blog post, shall we? For now, let’s talk about this particular outfit that I’m wearing.

Kimonos, as I have mentioned in my previous posts, are just perfect to cover the areas one doesn’t want to expose. On top of that, the thing I also like about kimonos is that it still shows the sexy side of the person wearing it even if it is technically a cover up. Pair any kimono with cropped tops or swimsuits and it doesn’t take away the sexiness of those types of clothing. The shape of the body is still very visible without the need to show too much skin.

I chose to wear pink and green together because both colors are loud, aside from the illusion that they surprisingly go well when paired with each other. For this outfit, they were the ones that popped out and gave life to an old white top (which I have had since college)

I was supposed to wear flipflops but I ended up wearing my green Celine flats instead because it’s really comfy to wear and the floral prints on the shoes are perfect for the season.

This pair of sunnies are heaven sent! I first bought for the sole purpose of bringing this to Thailand during my trip in 2014. But it’s still alive up to this day. Quality wise, I have nothing but good words from Sunnies Studios (Formerly Sunnies by Charlie). Although there was a time that I ordered a pair of sunnies from them that was a bit off, they refunded my money afterwards. More of that on a separate blog post.

The bracelet is made of carved shells that I scored during my second trip to Boracay last year. That definitely spells SUMMER right there. I bought this from one of the stalls at D’Talipapa and the attendant in that particular booth was actually from Davao City. Hey kababayan!

This type of outfit can be worn at any day hot day in the Philippines. It’s really comfy! I love this combo.

How about you?

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  1. Thanks for sharing such beautiful summer fashion with us, girlie, and I hope you're having a great week so far!