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Since I work in a bank, I have to be conscious of my looks aside from the way I act while wearing my respectable uniform. That also means I have to put at least a bit of make-up on.

When I used to work as a bank teller way back 2011 to 2014, make-up was indeed a requirement (or just lipstick, at least) because I was literally a front-liner and the first person clients usually see upon entering the bank. Trust me, nobody wants to see a zombie teller. Let's save that for the next potential horror movie, shall we?

Since I got transferred to the loans department, make-up was not a requirement for me anymore. But that does not stop me from at least putting a bit of color everyday.

These are the four products that I currently use everyday for my office look.

1.) BELO SUNEXPERT PERFECTING SHIELD TINTED SUNSCREEN - this is definitely a no brainer. Of course we need something like this to shield our face from the harmful UV rays of Mr. Sun up there. The thing I like about this product is that it acts like a tinted moisturizer and gives me enough facial coverage while doing its thing of protecting my face from skin damage.

2.) KISS & TELL LIP AND CHEEK TINT IN PROM SHADE - this was a Christmas gift from my good friend, Shee and what I use on my lips. I love the shade and it's just the perfect shade of pink to give my lips a little bit of pop of color while working on my paperworks.

3.) BENEFIT BENETINT LIP & CHEEK TINT - this is what I currently use to give some life on my cheeks. I like how easy this product blends after dabbing a few spots on my cheek. The tint's color does not go overboard and is just perfect for my cheeks unlike other lip & cheek tints whose colors are just too strong to be put on those apples.

*so you might be wondering why I am not using just one product for both my lips and cheeks because hello, "lip & cheek tint", right? Well it's just my personal preference to not use the same product for both parts of the face. I want each product to just have a specific purpose. I hope that made sense. lol"

4.) BENCH DAILY SPELL MAGIC POWDER - this is actually a DBS Glam Squad favorite which became a favorite of mine as well. This is what I use to set the tinted sunscreen after application. The powder gives my face great coverage and it also helps in controlling oil. Oh, another plus about this product is that it costs only Php 20 pesos and it lasts for a couple of weeks. It's just sulit!


5.) L.A. COLORS JUMBO EYE PENCIL - I don't put this everyday but just when I feel like putting bit of golden glow on my eyelids

My Everyday Office Look

So that's basically my current office look. I just love all the products that I am using.

How about you? What is your daily office look?

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