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WHAT I WORE: Lace Top, bought Online | Skorts, bought in Early Morning Market Pratunam, Bangkok | Denim shoes, from SM Department Store | Necklace, Tomliz, Uyanguren | Shades, gift from Mr. A

Here is another errands day OOTD post. Since I wanted to wear something comfortable, something I can run around in, these were my picks for that particular day.

I’m sure you’ve seen this lace top so many times already here in my blog. Again, I am all for outfit repetition. It’s really just about mixing and matching. And for this outfit, I chose to pair the top with the skorts that I bought while shopping in Early Morning Market Pratunam in Bangkok, Thailand. I even forgot that I had these! It’s been three years since I last bought the skorts and that was the first time I have worn it.

Looking at the skorts, I have to say that what attracted me in buying it was the butterfly prints on it. I found those colorful butterflies cute and it gave some life to the white and bland skorts. I’m not saying that I don’t like plain outfits but it’s also nice to wear outfits that have prints on it too.

I still followed the plain on print scheme in this outfit. The lace top may have a certain pattern on it but it wasn’t that visible and enough to take away the focus on the butterfly prints on my skorts.

As for the shades, here is a blog post which I wrote all about it. Click HERE.

I like this outfit. It was just perfect to do errands on and very comfortable as well.

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