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Hey Lovelies! It's that time of the month again where I get to share my favorites which I got from the previous month.

For the month of May, I sort of went overboard and kind of shopped a lot (tee-hee). Here are my purchases

1.) SUNNIES SHADES (ANAIS) from SUNNIES STUDIOS - I got a voucher from one of my Saladbox subscription which entitled me to a 200 peso discount at SUNNIES STUDIOS' website. I actually bought two sunnies but the other one was defective so I had to return it. Thankfully, Sunnies Studios gave me a full refund on the shades which was pretty impressive. I'm thinking of writing all about that experience in a separate blog post soon.

This style of sunnies really caught my attention because of its unique frame and I plan on wearing it during my beachcapades. I haven't worn it yet though since I have not yet set foot on the beach this summer (I know, I know... LOSER). Watch out for this one in my upcoming OOTDs.

2.) SHOES FROM ENZO SHOPPE BY SHERYL CHAN - yes, I shopped again at my favorite online shoe store at Shopee PH application. Read my post about my previous purchases at the same shop HERE.

So yours truly got not one, not two, but THREE pairs of shoes.

I have mentioned this quite a bit in my blog that my motto is if I can't decide on a color, then might as well buy all! That is exactly what happened to this particular transaction. I couldn't decide if I should get the studded flat shoes in white, black or lavender. So yeah, I ended up buying all three colors in size 7. Lol. Magastos!

this is my current driving-to-the-office footwear

3.) COLOUPOP LIPPIES - I admit that I totally have a thing for Colourpop lippies these days. And why shouldn't I? I mean, the brand is just amazing. The formulation of each lippy is just perfect because it lasts long on my lips. Plus, the awesome shades that the company comes up with. Hurray for Colourpop!

Since my officemate, Celyn, orders frequently at Colourpop's website, I also hitch in a few of my picks with hers and others to, of course, save up on shipping (since there is free International shipping for orders $50 dollars and up).  

For the month of May, the lippy shades that I got are PETIT FOUR, MARSHMALLOW and P.Y.T 

PETIT FOUR - this blue gray shaded lippy is from their Ultra Satin Lip Collection

PYT - this is a soft dirty gold colored lippy from their Ultra Mettalic Lip Collection

MARSHMALLOW - this gray lavender lippy is also from their Ultra Satin Lip Collection

It makes me sad though that PYT is currently on sale on their website because it will be discontinued for good. Good thing I grabbed myself one lippy of this shade. I really like PYT because I use it to make my non-metallic lipsticks stand out. Same with the LIGHTS OUT shade, I sort of make it a lippy metallic highlighter.

Aside from my purchases, I also got a bunch of cool stuff from my friend, Reymond, and goodies from Belo SunExpert

4.) S'NONAS HAND AND FOOT CREAM - this was a gift from my friend, Reymond, who currently travels the world because of his job as a flight steward of Philippine Airlines. I don't know where he exactly bought this but I bet it's from his travels in the middle east. I really like the smell of this hand and foot cream. I've been using it for a few days now and so far, so good.

5.) CROWN CHOCOLATE PIE WITH MARSHMALLOW CREAM - this is also from Reymond. Definitely perfect for snack time. I finished eating the contents of this box within an hour. Haha!

6.) GOODIES FROM BELO SUNEXPERT - of course, summer is not complete without these skin secret weapons versus the UV rays of the sun. #BeloSunExpert is here to help us #StayYoung while having fun under the sun.

My current daily office routine includes the Tinted Sunscreen. Sometimes I go out of the office to buy a viand or two at the nearest karinderya. At least my face and neck is sun ready thanks to Belo SunExpert.

So that pretty much sums up my MAY 2017 MONTHLY FAVORITES. Who knows, maybe what's on my MAY list may be on your future Monthly Favorites lists too.

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