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Hey guys! Here's another edition of Hashtag MakeUpMondays. For this blog post, I will be featuring a new brand of lip creams that I am currently obsessed about - YUKI COSMETIC'S FAITH-HOPE-LOVE MATTE LIP CREAM SERIES.

YUKI COSMETICS sent me these babies more than a week ago to try out. Apparently, this lip cream series is one of the newest additions to their makeup line. 

The set is composed of three lip creams named FAITH, HOPE & LOVE. The names were derived from the bible - specifically from 1 Corinthians 12 which talks about these three being the spiritual gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit to mankind.

First up is FAITH. FAITH reminds me of the color "old rose" which my mother really loves and is actually one of the color motifs of my wedding. This is a color that, for me, suits women of all ages. Believe me... even if you see your grandma wearing this color, you would never think it looks weird on her. This is a lip color that is indeed classic.

Up next is HOPE. Hope is the darkest among the three colors - dark red with a bit of brown undertone. This is the type of lip color I would wear during date nights with Mr. A because dark colors are more appropriate to wear during night time. (which I actually did. I wore this one when we watched the last full show of "Kita Kita" last Wednesday)

And last but not the least is my favorite among the three - LOVE - and coincidentally, this is the greatest gift of all as per the bible. LOVE has a bright red color that really brings attention to the one wearing it. This is the type of color that can make people forget that you are wearing a very dull outfit because all they can see is your lips. Yes, this is exactly that type of color. That is why it is my favorite. A good lippy color like this one is all you need to give you that extra boost of confidence even during those lazy #ootd days.

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I have been using these lip creams for more than a week now and here are my thoughts about this new line:

  • They smell really good like there's a hint of vanilla and candy flavored scent in there. I sometimes even delay the application process just because I like the smell of the lippies. (sounds a bit weird but it is what it is haha)
  • All three colors are school and office friendly. If you're someone like me who works in the office and is not allowed to sport bold colored lippies, then these three shades are just perfect to be worn on a daily basis.
  • The packaging is simple. I appreciate products that have simple packaging because for me, it just shows that they are more concerned with the content of the packaging. Besides, the packaging isn't that bad either.
  • Easy Application and dries fast. The lippies glide smoothly on my lips and dries real quick, leaving a nice matte finish on my lips.
  • Doesn't make the lips crack. This is my problem with my other matte lip creams. They sometimes leave a crack on my lips after application. Like literally one or two minutes after application, a crack forms on some areas on my lips. With the FAITH.HOPE.LOVE Matte Lip Series, I did not have that problem at all.
  • Very Affordable. Imagine getting all three colors for only Php 399. So that's roughly Php 133 pesos per lip cream. It is really budget friendly without affecting the product's quality. For those who can't afford those very expensive imported lip creams in the market, let me tell you this: expensive doesn't immediately mean that it has the nicest quality. Even those who don't have jacked up prices, like this set of lip creams, can fairly compete with those who are in the international market.

YUKI COSMETICS did a fantastic job with this line of lip creams. And I'm sure they will also impress the public with their future makeup lines and products which I am looking forward try out in the future. Great job, Yuki Cosmetics!

You can check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YukiSkinWhiteningandSkinCare/

or follow them on Instagram: @yukihdcosmetics

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