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Hello guys! Okay so we're more than halfway in July and because of my very busy schedule, I was unable to upload this post on time. My target for every Monthly Favorites post is that I should upload it before half of the month. *SIGH* I hope I'll be more early with next month's JULY 2017 favorites.

Moving on, here are my JUNE 2017 favorites:

1.) SEE'S CANDIES - this was a gift from my mother-in-law. The box contains 6 mouthwatering chocolates that each have different fillings inside. My personal favorite is the caramel one (I'm not exactly sure what chocolate exactly on the photo because I ate it in a matter of seconds. Oooops!)

2.) ENG BEE TIN'S PORK FLOSS - again from my mother-in-law and she gave this to us during her long weekend last month. This is Eng Bee Tin's newest product that is perfect as a pasalubong from Manila. I love anything that has pork floss on, in, under it. Even my parents and sister love this one. So when we went to Manila last month for my bestfriend's wedding, I bought this one for my family. And guess what... GONE IN 60 SECONDS. Lol!

3.) SALTED EGG POTATO CHIPS AND FISH SKINS - my sister-in-law went to Singapore last May with her friends and she bought this one for Mr. A and I as pasalubong. I have heard of Irvins Salted Egg products before and that their salted potato chips are really good. I finally got my hands on one bag and I must say that I do agree with the rumors. Even the Fish Skin rocks! It's a great idea that fish skin need not go to waste because hey, they can be turned into snacks after all! As for The Golden Duck brand of potato chips and fish skin (yeah they have fish skin as well but we already ate it before I took a photo hehe) they are both delicious as well but I like Irvins more.

my recent purchases from SHOPEE.PH using their application
I got two great beauty essentials from "KERING-KERI STORE" at Let's start with the highlighter

4.) ESSENCE PURE NUDE HIGHLIGHTER -  while I was reading beauty blogs, I came across a blogger who loved this highlighter (I forgot who) so when I found this being sold at one of the online stores on, I immediately added this one to my virtual shopping cart. Good timing though as this one was on sale for only Php 350. Truth be told, this highlighter looks AMAZING on me! I want to wear this everyday but nah, saving the good stuff during weekend dates with MR. A *wink*

5.) E.L.F BB CREAM - I also decided to get myself a tube of BB Cream together with the highlighter because I already used up all of what's left of my Ponds BB Cream. This one is also from "KERING KERI STORE". The shade that I chose was the lightest one and good thing that it blends well together with my skin. I did notice, however, that if I didn't put any moisturizer or primer before applying this one, blending was a struggle. So this has to go hand in hand with my usual moisturizer and primer.

6.) HAIR PINS (FREEBIE) - so I got this one as a freebie from purchasing from "KERING-KERI STORE". I love how sellers show their appreciation to their customers by giving them a little bit of something. It's not about the material thing but it's definitely about the thought that the shop would not be successful if it weren't for the customers. Again, thank you so much for this one, KERING KERI STORE of I placed this one in our car's compartment just in case my hair needs this.

7.) COLOURPOP ULTRA MATTE LIP CREAM IN VICE SHADE - my officemate and friend, Ate Jang, had a few extra Colourpop lippies lying around her beauty pouch so she decided to give this one to me since she knows how much I love Colourpop. It's a pink-nude matte lip cream and I actually like it. Too bad that Colourpop does not sell this shade anymore though. I checked out their Ultra Matte Lip section on their website and this shade is nowhere to be found. Glad I still got my hands on this one. Thanks again, Ate Jang!

8.) DELON SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO - I learned about sulfate free shampoo and its important from my fellow beauty bloggers and from Buddy Congson after he did a beautiful ash blonde balayage on my hair (read all about it HERE). Sulfate free shampoos are great for colored hair because the absence of sulfate in the ingredients helps in maintaining the hair's natural oils and also lets the hair color stick a bit longer which shampoo with sulfate contents strip off. So I got this one for only *drum roll please*....... Php 499 for TWO 1L shampoos thanks to their Buy 1 Take 1 promo at SNR. (so when I took this photo, the other one is already in our bathroom and I was lazy to get it so I took a photo of the unused shampoo instead.) I swear this stash is going to last me for a year. I mean hello, 2 liters of shampoo? Such a steal!

9.) CASTOR OIL - and the last but not the least for my June Favorites is this castor oil that I bought from my friend, Jackie. I heard that castor oil helps in lengthening of the eyelashes. A friend of mine tried this one way back and she told me that it wasn't effective at all. But when Jackie told me that she was selling this one, I decided to give it a try myself. I've been using this for around 3 weeks not and I did however notice a few changes on my lashes (especially on the bottom of the eye) where I don't have any lashes at all. Anyway, more of that on a separate blog review so stay tuned for that.

That's all for my June Favorites. Anyway, I think I should move a portion of my monthly favorites on me and Mr. A's food blog where we both jointly talk about food and food establishments at Maybe I will start doing so on the next round of monthly favorites.

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