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Here's a little something about me: aside from being a wife, a furmom and a blogger, I actually hold a regular job that requires me to be in the office 5 days a week and at least 9 hours a day (8:30 am to 5:30). I say at least because sometimes I go to work early or go home a little bit later than half past five to finish my pending to'do's. 

With that being the case, I hardly find time to shop at malls or at stores just to buy the essentials I need. This is where I get to appreciate the beauty of ONLINE SHOPPING.

When it comes to online shopping, one must not simply "just buy anywhere". It pays to know what online shops to trust - shops that sell quality items, deliver when stated and do not jack up prices just because of the consumers' need for convenience. As somebody who has been shopping online for more than 10 years now (I started since I was in college. Yes, even during college I was already a busy person. I mean hello, business plans, financial statements, etc..) one of the Online Shops that has earned my trust is none other than BEAUTYMNL.

And what even made me so excited is that BEAUTYMNL handpicked me to be one of the bloggers to give their awesome site a test run.

So I was browsing through their website using my desktop and I discovered many new items that I found very interesting and useful. Here are the items that I got from BEAUTYMNL.

So basically I got a bunch of hand sanitizers (since I'm a self-proclaimed GERMAPHOBE), two highlighters and two Nyx Lip Creams

Let's start with the hand sanitizers

Caronia is a brand that most girls would be familiar with - which is a known brand of colorful Nail Polish. That's why I was so surprised when I found out that they also have their very own Hand Sanitizer line. Would you believe that these CARONIA HAND SANITIZERS each 50 ml hand sanitizer only costs Php 33? Such a good deal! 

I decided to get all scents - Watermelon, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Green Tea - and I will do a separate review of the scents on a separate blog post.

So I got two Caronia Hand Sanitizers in Watermelon Scent so that I can give the other one to Mr. A since he is also a germaphobe like me. Talk about #relationshipgoals eh?
Up next are the Highlighters that I got from BEAUTYMNL. Lately, I have been obsessed with highlighters. Even during working days, I put a little bit of highlighter on for that extra glow even when things get too hectic and rough at the office. Hey, I still want to look pretty despite being busy. So for this haul, I got two Unicorn Themed highligters

First on the highlighter list is this UNICORN DUST HIGHLIGHTING POWDER. I got this for only Php 95 pesos. But when I checked back on BEAUTYMNL's website, it's already sold out. Boo. Anyway, I actually thought that the container was a bit big basing on the picture but it was actually smaller in actual. Nevertheless, the powder is really nice. It has a nice effect on my face. I got it in Pixie shade. The other one is Celestial.

The other Unicorn themed highlighter that I got is pretty unique - UNICORN RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTER

From the name itself, the highlighter is indeed composed of the colors of the rainbow.

I haven't tried this one out yet but I'm excited to do so and I will feature it on one of my future blog posts. So stay tuned for it!
The last two things that I got are lip creams from NYX which are actually a part of their bestselling lip cream vault. 

Here's a little story about these two. So BEAUTYMNL had a promo that if you buy one NYX lip cream or one NYX Lip Lingerie, you will get one free NYX lip cream in Sao Paulo shade. Since I was so in love with the Monte Carlo shade, I decided to get one and thus, got a free lip cream in Sao Paulo. Hence, the two lip creams, ladies and gentlemen. I got the NYX lip cream in Monte Carlo shade for only Php 390. Getting two lip creams for that price is such a great steal! Thankful for promos like that.

Another freebie that I got is this voucher for a facial. But this can only be used in selected malls in Manila. Since I live in Davao City, I can't use this one so I'm going to give this to my sister in law instead. I'm sure she can use this one.

By the way, would you believe that the shipping fee that I paid for this batch was only Php 50? And to think that I live all the way from Mindanao.

That's another great thing about BEAUTYMNL. Aside from their product promos which can be found in this part of their page...

... they also have shipping promos like mine which was for only 50 pesos, sometimes they have 1 peso shipping fee promos and even FREE SHIPPING PROMOS! The trick here is to check out their page once in a while or follow their social media accounts for promo updated (which I will link down below).

BEAUTYMNL's website is very easy to navigate. All you have to do is just click on the category that you need and the choices will pop right before your very eyes.

What I like about BEAUTYMNL is their REVIEW SECTION called BEAUTY BY YOU. It pays to read honest reviews about certain products to help with one's decision making before purchasing.

Another thing that I like is their online magazine called BLOOM THE MAGAZINE which features useful articles that women of all ages can indeed use and can learn a thing or two from.

Ladies, if you're like me who barely has time to go to malls because of work, or just somebody who's busy maybe like a stay at home mom and the like, then BEAUTYMNL is the online shop that is the answer to your woes. I highly recommend this website. Shipping is indeed fast (like in my case, I got my items 5 days after ordering them) and quality wise, they make sure each product is wrapped tightly in bubble wraps for added protection during shipping.

Don't forget to check their site out always for promos and special deals at or follow their social media accounts


INSTAGRAM  @beautymnl

Happy Shopping loves!

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