By Athina Angliongto - 1:45:00 PM

When I was in college, my weekly habit was to go to DCLA, Uyanguren to score inexpensive finds ranging from clothes, shoes, bag, accessories, etc. Wednesday Washday at school was something I took very seriously (lol!) and I was somebody that, although outfit repetition was my game even before, I wanted to spice my outfits up with a bit of wardrobe add-ons.

One store that I frequent for so many years now is called TOMLIZ which is located just at the side of DCLA. It was a store that I discovered while I was walking and buko juice hunting around the side of Uyanguren. I didn't know it was a piece of heaven until I walked in and boom! ...returning customer right here for n years!

Anyway, I was able to visit TOMLIZ recently and here are the items that I bought from there.

I got these block colored headbands for Php 35 each

I got this dark green ribbed headband for also Php 35

These tassel earrings retailed for Php 30 each

This lavender detailed cloth earrings were for only Php 25
The total of all these items would have been Php 220 but there was an additional discount there somewhere (I just can't pinpoint what item exactly) so the total amount I paid was only Php 180. Not bad for getting 7 items.

That's the thing with TOMLIZ. They surprise you when you get to the cashier because of the additional discounts they give. 

Those are my recent Uyanguren purchases. Until my next haul!

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