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Okay so this post is a tad bit late because all this time, I really thought I already made a blog post about my 4th Saladbox haul. Turns out, I was only able to make a VLOG about it. Hihi sorry.

Moving on, I finally got hold of my 4th Saladbox by the end of March and I got goodies from Ponds, Vaseline and Dove.

What I like about the contents of my 4th Saladbox is that the products are the everyday essentials of a woman. Another bonus is that I currently use most of them as of the moment.

voila! the contents of my 4th Saladbox

This has got to be one of my favorites in the box. It's not because I use this but because both my mother in law and sister in law use this. Before they arrived in Davao City for a short visit a couple of weeks ago, I told them to not bring any more body wash because I already had this one. One less item to carry for them. Oh, and I actually tried the body wash myself while I was in Manila at their place, and I really felt the moisturizing effect afterwards. Now I understand why they prefer using this body wash.

Ah yes. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I'm starting to age and I can see fine lines and wrinkles on the edges of my eyes. (sad.) but nevertheless, both this Pond's Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day and Night cream is there to save me from my aging woes. It may not totally make the wrinkles disappear but it'll help delay the aging process for sure.
This is what I currently use in my nightly routine. After I do my nightly half baths, I wash my face using Pond's Acne Clear Facial Foam. What I like about this facial wash is the total cleanliness I feel after every wash. It's not sticky unlike other facial washes that I've tried and this washes off instantly. The scent is mild which is just perfect.

So I have yet to try this one because so far (buyag2x) I don't have that much pimples on my face. But I will try this soon and make a quick review about it here on my blog.

Of course, we need to protect our faces and skin from the heat of the sun. I haven't tried this one out yet because I still have a few sun protect products that I currently use but according to my friend who uses this regularly, it's a nice product and does the job in protecting her from the harmful rays of the sun thanks to its SPF 30++

As of writing, I have already emptied the contents of this Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream. This is a small sample of Pond's BB Cream in LIGHT shade (good thing Saladbox gave me my shade. wew!) I must say that I'm quite impressed with its coverage. Whenever I used it, I noticed that my face was still A-okay even after a full day's work thanks to the medium coverage that it gave me. Even if I didn't wear any concealer, the coverage was strong enough to not make any facial imperfections that obvious.

I tried using this for a day or two but it didn't really suit my skin because I have dry skin. So I gave this to my friend instead and it worked well on her because she has normal skin. Pond's White Beauty Spot-less Rosy White Day Cream did the trick on her because she went to work with that pinkish glow that a lot of people were jealous about. Haha! As for my experience, application was smooth and there was a mild scent. But I did notice, however, that a pea sized amount was not enough to cover the entire face as some would claim. It would take me around 3 pea sized amounts, and my friend had the same sentiments as well.

So that's it for my fourth Saladbox. By the way, I'll be skipping my 5th Saladbox haul post because I was unable to take photos of the contents of the box. I have the 5th box immediately to my Mom as a Mothers' Day present.

By the way, here's my Youtube Video of my Saladbox Haul starring all the products I've mentioned above.

Until the next post, Ciao!

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