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The DENIM trend has been around for decades. Even 70's and 80's pop stars have invaded the music video scene while wearing this very popular ensemble - may it be Denim Jackets down to Patched Denim Jeans. Even up to this day it is still popular and I don't see it going away very soon.

I am one of those people who loves wearing and collecting DENIMS. That's why I was very excited to be one of the bloggers who were invited to watch SM Lanang's DENIM DAYS mini fashion show that happened last July 16, 2017 at SM Lanang Premier's atrium. 

The models showcased the different DENIM collections from Forever21, SM MAN and SM WOMAN.

Here are some snapshots that I took during the fashion show.

blue flowers are the perfect decors for the Denim Fashion Show because of the color

wore my White Shoes from Crissa Jeans Ph
first up, Denim Collections from FOREVER21

I love the Galaxy Denim Jacket worn by the model. I want to get that for Mr. A

among the three outfits, the denim jumpskirt with yellow off shoulder outfit is my favorite one

up next, SM MAN

I love the details on the jeans!
last but not the least, SM WOMAN

I love this top! but I don't know if I can work it like the model did. It fit her well.

great job, models!
I can't wait to get my shopping groove on and add more to my denim collection. Hey, you can never have too many classic staples, and one of them is definitely DENIMS.

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