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It's almost mid-August and that time of the month that I coined as my personal target to share all the good stuff that caught my eye the previous month.

Some of you may not know this but July is actually my birth month. So I was able to receive a bunch of great gifts from friends and loved ones which I will also be featuring in this blog post. I am very happy to share all of these with you, my readers, because July being my birth month was the perfect excuse for me to shop a lot of stuff. Ha ha! So basically, this post is a combination of gifts that I received plus some stuff that I got during SM Lanang's 3-day sale that happened during my birthday weekend (oh the perfect timing indeed!)

Let's start!

Choco-Caramel Cake from Anniepie, Kitkat Chocolates, Pineapple Filled Dunkin Donuts and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. At the stroke of midnight on my birthday, I heard a little noise inside our bedroom and it was not the usual noise that Perdita (my cat) makes during that hour. Apparently, Mr. A was already at the end of our bed carrying the bouquet and the cake with a lit candle. So I immediately made a wish, gave him a hug and went back to dreamland. Lol! When I woke up a few hours later, I saw the three packs of Kitkat and the plastic bag containing 3 pineapple filled Dunkin Donuts beside the bouquet. Mr. A knows me so well. The cake was my favorite from Anniepie's line of cakes. The Kitkats are definitely a given (hey, who doesn't like Kitkats, right? Okay maybe some but whatever. Majority of the people love KITKAT!), the Pineapple Filled Dunkin Donuts have always been my favorite since I was a kid (my dad used to buy a bunch of donuts every single day after getting off from work and brought it to us as pasalubong), and of course, a bouquet of flowers which Mr. A has been consistently giving me for the past 5 birthdays of mine. All my favorites to start my day.

Boxing Gloves - after enrolling at a gym near our house, I decided that zumba and spending a half an hour at the treadmill was not enough for me. So I decided to buy these gloves and started boxing. I have done a few sessions and I am enjoying it so far.

Pack It Up! Set of three travel bags - I bought this because this was on super sale! From 200 pesos, this retailed on sale for only 99 pesos thanks to the great 3-day sale at SM Lanang Premier. Mr. A and I don't have any travel plans this year but hopefully when we do, then these bags will definitely be of great use. Hey, better have it and not need it than need it then not have it at all.

Black Cap with Ouch and Lip bar pins - I was pretty upset when I lost a couple of my caps when I moved to Mr. A's house. I swore I put them in my parents' car while I was moving but I couldn't find them anywhere. Ugh. Good thing I found this cap at the SM Department store. Minus the bar pins, this looked quite similar to one of the caps that I lost. Well, at least I have a new one now.

Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Foundation - my co-beauty bloggers have been raving about this for quite sometime now and I decided to buy one myself because it was on sale. I haven't tried this one yet though since I still have a bit of my Loreal Foundation but when I've used it all up, I will immediately try this one out.

Ever Bilena LTD Liquid Lipsticks - they had a huge sale wherein you get three lipsticks for the price of two. So I got these three colors. One lippy costs Php 180 so instead of paying 540 for three lipsticks, I only paid Php 360 for all three lipsticks. Such a steal! I haven't opened them yet because I still have a lot of lipsticks that I am currently using alternately.

Sephora Masks - These masks are a gift from my best friend, Iris, who just came back from her honeymoon in Europe. I can't wait to try these.

Owl Pouches - I mentioned in a few of my previous posts that I love anything that has an owl on it. My friend, Joanna Lynn, is just the same as me. We both love owls which is why she got me these pouches for my birthday. Still debating on what makeups to put on these pouches. - probably the benefit samples that I got from

Blue Cat Purse -  isn't this such a cutie? My friend, Kristel, gave this to me because she knows that I love cats and the color blue. Awww, my two favorites in one item instantly!

Underwear Organizer from Miniso - my sister-in-law, Achi Candy, gave this to me and let me tell you, this is a lifesaver! My undies were all over the drawers before and I didn't really care about organizing them but thanks to this one, I was able to segregate each undie by material and by light/dark colors for easier picking.

Denim Cap - and another cap to fill the gap of my missing pre-marital cap collection. I chose this denim cap to match both non-denim and denim outfits I would wear in the future. 

Necklace from Joanna Lynn's parents. I have always wanted a thin gold necklace - a break from all the heavy accessories that I usually wear around my neck. This gift is just perfect. I have worn this one so many times already and what I also like about it is that I can wear it to work unlike my other heavy necklaces. Thanks tito and tita!

Loreal Superline Blackbuster - my officemate Maam Jessica gave this to me as a gift. Perfect timing indeed as I was about to buy another eyeliner to put in my office "kikay kit". What I like about this eyeliner is that it's just like a pentle pen and not like the usual liquid and gel liners that I own. I think my grip is better when I use this one but I still have to practice more though.

Swatch of Loreal Superliner Blockbuster

Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume - a gift from my friend and co blogger Pau Ruta of PAM FOR THE GLAM. I love the scent and I am currently using this one during date nights with Mr. A. Thanks again, PAU!

That's it for my JULY FAVORITES aka BIRTH MONTH FAVORITES. Thanks to everybody who remembered my special day. Until my next blog post. 

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  1. I should do favorites posts, as well. Nice list, Athina.