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This quote has always been on my mind whenever I go shopping for shoes. I admit that I am a certified shoe lover as I own around 50 plus pairs of flats, heels, mary janes and boots altogether. One person that influenced me to love shoes is fashion blogger Jane Aldridge of www.seaofshoes.com. She just has a lot of great shoes and I love each and every one of them. That's what made me start to collect shoes, buying from boutiques, malls and even online.

Sometimes I feel like my confidence gets boosted whenever I wear a good pair of shoes. Just like Jane, I love the challenge of finding the perfect pair to match with my OOTDs every time I go out during a date or an event. Or just the thought of owning this particular shoe (and not really wearing it all the time) just gives me a bit of joy, and I think most women with agree with me on all of the above.

It's been a while since I last purchased a pair of shoes because I haven't found one that has that so-called WOW factor. Up until I stumbled upon a website on the internet that sells a whole lot of very elegant and stylish shoes - designs that I have never seen sold in malls or other online shops before.


FSJ SHOES is an international online shop that sells shoes in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. If you want to up your shoe game just like me, then this shop is definitely for us!

So I was browsing the website for almost two hours and here are some of my favorite pairs so far.

Black Gladiator Sandals Mid Calf Rhinestone Flats - this is the first pair that caught my eye! Look at all those lovely rhinestones. This is the perfect shoe to pair with shorts and a plain colored shirt.

Women's Nude Pointed Toe Ballet Flats Strappy Shoes - it is a must that a woman must own at least one pair of Nude Colored shoes. Why? Because you can pair it with just any outfit! Whatever color scheme your outfit has, you can definitely work a pair of nude shoes with it. This, ladies, should be a closet staple.

White Lace Wedding Flats Strappy Comfortable Shoes - okay so you might be thinking why would Mrs. A want to own a pair of wedding flats when she's already married? Well, WHY NOT! Besides, just look at the details on the shoes - the bead works are just interesting to look at. I can see myself wear this one together with my royal blue shorts and plain black top. Oh, and I would also recommend this pair to my friends who are about to get married and want a break from their painful stilettos. Good idea, right?

Women's Black Suede Platform Ankle Straps Heels Chunky Vintage Heel Pumps - this shoe design is perfect for school, the office and also when going to the mall. The strap design gives the plain black shoe some OOMPH! plus added support as well. This is something an office girl like myself would wear to the office. 

Women's Black and White Plain Ankle Strp Sandals Vintage Heels - I remember watching a lot of vintage movies and admiring the women's shoes which look like this one. That type of style is still in for this decade and this shoe is best paired with a cute plain skirt and top with a short scarf on the neck for that added vintage look.

Women's Claret Red PeepToe Lace Chunky High Heels Boots - lace on high heels? Big YES! This pair of shoes is great for evening events. Just imagine wearing an LBD (little black dress) paired with this shoes to complete the OOTN. Sexy and classic at the same time!

Women's Purple Lace Strappy Round Toe Wedding Shoes  - another wedding shoe and this time, it has cute heels! So lately, I have been attracted to the color violet which explains why this shoe caught my eye as well. This is not only for the bride but for the bridesmaids as well.

Purple PeepToe Heels Suede Platform Strappy Sandals - see, I told you I was attracted to colors like this one. And again, why not? Look at that beautiful shoe! This is perfect to wear with florals during lunch dates or even dinner dates.

Women's Black Straps Wrapped Stilettos Gladiator Heels Sandals - and another one to add to the gladiator shoe collection. Just like the gladiator flats, this is perfect to wear with shorts and for girls who want a bit of height. The details on the shoes are just exquisite! Props to the designer.

Golden Shoes Formal Luxury Stiletto Heel Sandals for Big Event - another stiletto that caught my eye is this one. I have to say that the wing details are just perfect. And another thing that makes the shoes perfect is that this can be worn during daytime and night time. I strongly suggest wearing this one with white and dark colored dresses for the shoes to really pop out.

Multi-Color 4 Inch Heels Pointy Toe Patent Leather Stiletto Heels Pumps - there are days when we just want to put more color into our lives and this shoe definitely fits in that mood. I can imagine this multi-colored shoe being paired with a plain or printed top and some denim shorts or boyfriend jeans. Bam! makes a simple yet loud statement.

Even though FSJShoes.com is an online shop, they make it a point to deliver the shoes WORLDWIDE within 10 days via DHL 3-10 day delivery. They also have MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and they also allow CUSTOMIZATION of orders (like for style, size, colors, etc). I have reviews on the internet and they have all been good so far.

By the way, they have shoes for men as well. So don't forget to shop with your male loved ones as well.

Let's step up our shoe game, shall we?

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