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Last August 6, 2017, my co-bloggers and I were one of the lucky ones to watch up close the amazing fashion creations from the different designers of Davao City. This activity is also in line with the Kadayawan Festival which happens every month of August. 

The fashion show features a few OOTDs from different tenants of Abreeza Ayala Mall. Then up next was the infusion of Kadayawan meets Modern themed designs of the local designers. It is a must that aside from celebrating a bountiful harvest, the city should also celebrate and be proud of the different fashionably talented Davaoenyos as well. Aside from clothing, four local makeup artists also featured their different makeup styles  Mestiza, Morena, Pinay, Chinita.

Here are some of my favorites during the fashion show:

From the tenants of Abreeza


This Denim Jacket from Esprit is really a scene stealer!

Nice soft denim polo top from Gap

Cute shorts from Just G! I would definitely wear something like this.


Love this kiddie inspired OOTD from Mango

Love the details on this pair of pants from Mango

Marks and Spencer. This is a nice top. Great for wearing on lunch dates

This Camou Jacket from People Are People is a must have
Travel themed Bomber Jacket for the boys at People Are People

I like this whole ensemble from Plains and Prints

Skirt and Bag from Worship Generation


Next, we have the original designs from the local and talented designers of Davao City

Nice details on this dress by Lala Chua

Cute outfit by Neil Patrick Jimlani

Beaded cropped top by Wilson Limon

The top and bottom combination also by Wilson Limon is just heavenly. I want to wear something like this when I go out of the country and bring a bit of Davao City with me.

I love the top by Aztec Barba

This dress by Bamba Limon is so nice and elegant.

This is one sexy red number by Benjie Panizales

I don't really like the color orange but this dress also by Benjie Panizales really changed my mind.

Nice all white ensember by Dodjie Batu. The back details of the top also nailed it!

Edgar Buyan has captured the eyes of the crowd with his designs plus the cute pink headpieces.

This is a top that every man should own. I love the details. Great job by Egay Ayag.

Funky outfit with a cultural twist by Emi Englis

Love this skirt designed by Windell Mira

Aside from makeup and clothing, the lovely furniture designs by Ms. Ann Pamintuan were also featured in the fashion show

The talented designer herself sitting on one of her lovely designs, Ms. Ann Pamintuan

Great job designers! It makes me proud to see local artists bloom and make the fashion industry of the city blossom. I'm so proud of you.

Thank you Abreeza Ayala Mall and  Davao Fashion Design Council for inviting us. Great job!

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