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WHAT I WORE: Navy Blue Sleeveless top, bought from one of our office's guards | Peach Shorts, bought online | Soft Denim flats, SM Department Store | Necklace, Tomliz Uyanguren | Watch, Atmosfit (gift from MR. A)

There's actually a story behind this navy blue top. One Wednesday morning before reaching the biometrics machine of our office, one of the bank's guards (who was already done with his overnight duty at the time) approached me and showed me a couple of clothes that he was selling. That time, I only had I think around 400 pesos (to get me by just before payday) in my wallet and I wasn't really keen on buying any clothing that particular moment. But I know that he was doing that so that he can earn additional income for the schooling of his children. I thought to myself "why not. I'll just buy and help the guy out". So I chose this top (which he priced at Php 200). After paying him the money, he was so thankful and I saw a smile on his face that was really priceless. 

This wasn't the first time that the guard sold anything to earn additional income for his family. Last time, he sold a pack of chocolate from Zamboanga for 100 pesos only. I think Mr. A and I bought around 6 packs from him to give as gifts to friends and also to just help him out. I admire people who work and do an honest living instead of those who steal from others. Kudos to you, Andy the guard.

I decided to pair this top with my peach shorts that I bought online a couple of years ago (it still fits me, yey!). I never expected that navy blue and peach would be a great combination but after looking at the photos that Mr. A took, I came to a conclusion that yeah, the two colors look great together. 

The gold necklace from Tomliz, Uyanguren is a great accent to the entire outfit.

this pair is just so comfy! perfect for errands days
If ever Andy the guard sells clothes in the future, I would definitely buy from him. It's like hitting two birds with one stone - I get a new outfit and I get to help him out at the same time.

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