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Photo by Jowe Posadas of Jowe Posadas Photography

Photo by Vincent Matalam of www.vincentmatalam.com
WHAT I WORE: Floral off shoulder top, bought online | Red Origami Shorts, bought Online | White Sneakers, SM Department Store | Watch, Atmosfit 

From the title of this post, I guess you can already guess what my age is, right? Lol! Last month, I just turned two-eight and I am almost at the 30's spot. Do I feel old? Nah, not really. I mean I know I'm older than most people I hang out with but I'm still very young at heart. 

During my actual birthday which was on July 14, 2017, I took a leave of absence from work to take a break from everything and just have a carefree day. Aside from having a little me-time at My Skin Origins, I went to an event at SM Lanang Premier with my co-bloggers and had a little preview of the food to be served during the #CravingsattheNorthWing Weekend Market (Check out my post HERE at our Food Blog.) My co-bloggers had no idea it was my birthday because I wasn't vocal about it. I mean I know it's my special day but of course, it would be weird if I'd be like "Hey it's my birthday today. Greet me!" ha ha ha!

with a fraction of my DBS Fam. Photo by Jowe Posadas

This is what I wore that day (Thanks to Jowe Posadas for the photos)

I decided to wear my floral off shoulders that I've had for a while now but never got the chance to wear yet. I guess that was indeed the day to wear it. I paired it with my very short Red Origami shorts because since it's my birthday and per Chinese custom, one must wear red on his or her birthday. So yeah, I guess this still counts. (Disclaimer: I am not Chinese.. but I'm married to one though, does that count? Lol)

What made my birthmonth more special is all the sweet treats I received that night when my officemates surprised me at my friend's restaurant just in front of SM Lanang Premier

Salted Caramel Sansrival Cake from Anniepie - from my officemates

from my Cebu friends. Thanks guys! I miss you all so much.

this cake from Bistro Rosario is just a piece of heaven!

thanks guys.

I was quite surprised when Mr. A showed up with another bouquet of flowers when in fact, he gave me a bouquet at the stroke of midnight. He's just the sweetest!
Since I currently live an hour away from my family, I got to meet up with them two days after my birthday. We ate at Annipie Ecoland branch and just had a great time. It was just priceless

By the way, my July Favorites post is also related to this post. Click HERE to check it out!

I may be twenty-eight now but hey, I feel very GREAT! Thanks to all the people who surround me. You are all blessings to me.


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  1. Happy Birthday! :D I remember you wanted to keep it hush hush talaga. Your energy, beauty, and aura gives off a very youthful vibe... like you're still in your early 20s.

    Gorgeous attire. :)