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Here's another one of my blog's segments called OOTD FEATURE. This time, I will be featuring the person behind the reason why I became MRS. A in the first place - none other than the one and only MARK ANDREW S. ANGLIONGTO aka MR. A (round of applause please)

Watch: Atmosfit

Anyway, allow me to share a short story behind the clothes of his OOTD. We were at Abreeza one Sunday afternoon and I told Mr. A that I wanted to shop at CALLIOPE, one of the newest boutiques in Abreeza. So being the thrifty Chinese husband that he is, he kept on saying stuff about "oh you have so many clothes already... we barely have enough space in your walk-in closet"... and the list goes on. And there was me being the typical hard-headed clothing addict wife and all that he blabbed about just entered one ear, and immediately left the other ear. Ha ha!

To make the long story short, I was not able to buy anything in Calliope, but Mr. A bought a lot (three shirts and a pair of pants). Dang! The irony, eh?

The Maroon shirt and Blue pair of jeans are two of his purchases from Calliope (hence the title CALLIOPE MAN). This is a color combination that I want to incorporate soon on my OOTDs because looking at Mr. A, I think the two are just a great combo. I have tried RED + BLUE before but not MAROON + BLUE so I hope it looks good on me too.

Shoes: Levi's Ankle Length Shoes - a present from my dad. My dad called me up one time and told me that he has a new pair of shoes that do not fit him. So he wanted to give it to Mark instead. And boy, it looks great on the mister. OOTD ON POINT, BABE!

By the way, Calliope is a sister company of TERRANOVA but they totally have different styles from each other. I can't wait to go back to Calliope and successfully BUY SOMETHING FOR MYSELF next time. Ha ha!

I don't mean to be biased or anything but I really like Mr. A's OOTD. How about you?

Until my next OOTD FEATURE POST. Ciao, bellas!

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