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Hey babes! If you were able to read my previous post about THE OFF PRICE SHOW coming to Davao City, then you would have an idea why I'm quite excited about it. Why shouldn't I be I mean come on, imagine buying branded items at a fraction of their SRP? Now that is a deal that nobody should miss out!  (if you weren't able to read my previous post about THE OFF PRICE SHOW, you can read it HERE)

On the first day of THE OFF PRICE SHOW in Davao City for 2017, I was one of the first few people who got dibs on great selections and one of the first who actually fell in line at the counter to pay for the stuff that I got. Would you believe that I was able to buy 9 items in just one hour? Mind you, that actually included my time in the fitting room already. Ha ha! Pretty fast, eh?

Anyway, here are some snapshots that I took while shopping at THE OFF PRICE SHOW at the Davao Convention and Trade Center. (apologies for the low quality because I was too busy looking for great deals)

I just love this ombre shirt and I wanted to get one for Mr. A but unfortunately, all the sizes of the shirts on display were too big for him.

Men's shoes on sale.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Forever21 shirts selling low low low!

As what I have mentioned earlier, I was able to buy a total of 9 items. But this is the most exciting part - I only paid exactly Php 2,000 for all 9 items, with an average of only around Php 223 pesos per item only. Again, these are all BRANDED items which I got for only a fraction of the price that they actually retail for. Allow me to share with you my 9 awesome buys from THE OFF PRICE SHOW.

I got these two sports bras from FOREVER21 for only Php 150 each. I'll be wearing both these tops as inners to the tank tops that I usually wear at the gym

I honestly loved both the neon green and white colors of the sports bras so I ended up buying both. That has always been my personal style motto: If you can't choose, then just buy them all! Lol!
Dryfit shirt from Champion for only Php 250. Another inexpensive apparel for me to use at the gym. By the way, the fabric is so comfortable to wear and lightweight. I used to own dry fit shirts which I bought at the same price as this one and those shirts were so itchy and uncomfortable to wear. Kudos to the Champion brand for shirts like this one.
Maroon Top from Madison Leigh for only Php 200.

Printed Bat Wing with Shoulder Cut Out detail from  BMFOREVER for only Php 250. If you've been reading my previous blog posts, you would have an idea that I have a thing for tops with shoulder cut details on it. And this, my friends, is another addition to that growing collection of mine.

Printed Spaghetti Cropped Top from MUDD for only Php 150. I am planning on pairing this one with my high waist black pants in the near future.
Black and White Striped Sports Bra from Champion for only Php 200. Here's another sports apparel to use at the gym. Gosh, I really should take my gym seriously from now on. Can't wait to wear all the sports apparel I got to the gym.
Gym Shorts from Champion for only Php 200. I read somewhere online that one way to motivate one's self to work harder at the gym is to buy cute gym clothing. Thanks to THE OFF PRICE SHOW, I got myself five new gym outfits. I do hope that mentality will work. Ha ha!
Maxi Skirt for only Php 450. This is the most expensive clothing that I got among all the stuff that I got. I love the floral mixed with black and white aztec details of this skirt and I plan on wearing a fitted black or white top together with this one next time.

Price Recap: Php 150 + 150 + 250 + 200 + 250 + 150 + 200 + 200 + 450 = Php 2,000

Mr. A was also able to buy two things for himself during THE OFF PRICE SHOW which I will also include in this mini haul

Wonder Pet Super Odor Neutralizer for only Php 99. Okay so this is not actually for him but for Perdita. Since her litter box is located inside our house, this will definitely help in eliminating the unpleasant odor that the litter box emits after the call of nature.
BULGARI AQUA Perfume for only Php 1,300. This is one of his favorite scents.

THE OFF PRICE SHOW runs for three days so there's still a bit of time for those who want to shop or in my case, I'll definitely come back either tomorrow or on the last day to buy a few things for my family (getting a little head start on Christmas shopping to avoid the Holiday rush). But of course, I won't be posting them here so that my sister and husband won't be able to see them. Lol! 

I am one happy girl right now with all my purchases. Thank you, THE OFF PRICE SHOW, for the great deals and as early as now, I am looking forward to your return next year. *wink*

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