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If you are my friend on my various social media accounts, you would know that I love pampering myself at least once a month with a facial session. As somebody who is really particular with skin care, I opt to get facials every now and then because one of the many wonders it does to our face is that it promotes elasticity and exfoliation. "Bye, Felicia!" to dead skin cells for sure.

I have tried several facial centers since my college days. After so much trial and error, I finally found the only skincare and facial center that I completely trust when it comes to taking good care of my skin - and that is none other than MY SKIN ORIGINS.

MY SKIN ORIGINS' first branch in Davao is located at Jacinto Street, Davao City (just near Ateneo de Davao College campus) and I have had my facials there for almost a year now. Just recently, they finally opened their second branch located at Juna Subdivision and just a few meters away from Ateneo de Davao Grade School Campus (coincidentally near two AdDU campuses ha ha!). This is indeed great news for those skin care fanatics (like yours truly) who live in the southern area of the city.

This Matina branch of theirs is still as cozy as the one in Jacinto branch but just a bit bigger in space size. They now have a room exclusively for those who want to give their hands and feet some TLC as well.

MY SKIN ORIGINS Matina List of Services. They have various hand and foot care treatments, manicure, pedicure, etc.

I was so happy when I learned that MY SKIN ORIGINS uses ORLY - a brand that is known to be very nail friendly even if the color stays on the nails for days to weeks. (no yellow traces)

ORLY Nail Swatch - look at all that pretty colors
hmmm. looks like MR. A wants to switch careers.

(Please excuse my messy bun) So I tried out their foot spa, pedicure and manicure. I just love the service. The attendant took the initiative of asking me if I was okay or was I in discomfort during the pampering session which is a plus for me when it comes to customer service.

giving my feet some good scrubbin'
Aside from this room, they also have a separate room for those who want to have their facial

I was also able to try getting a facial at MY SKIN ORIGINS Matina branch one Saturday afternoon.

sorry if my face scared you. just trying to be beautiful <3
If you're a southern babe of Davao City, then this is definitely good news for you. Head on down to MY SKIN ORIGINS on your next "ME TIME" day and give yourselves the pampering that you deserve.

Hey, I might just see you there soooo SEE YA!

MY SKIN ORIGINS MATINA BRANCH is located at Juna Subdivision, at the 2nd floor of the building that's in front of AdDU Gradeschool Parking Building and on the same building as Cafe Canary.

You can also follow MY SKIN ORIGINS at their social media accounts:

Instagram: @myskinorigins


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