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Hey babes! Here's another post for my #MakeUpMondays segment. So lately, I've been obsessed with Colourpop's lippies. And to date, I already have 8 lip creams from Colourpop. Okay, so it might not be that many just yet (take note... JUST YET) but I'll get there. Just wait and see. Lol!

For the mean time, allow me to show you My Colourpop Collection (so far...)

I found this old box (which used to house a watch that my friend gave me) and decided to make it my "COLOURPOP BOX"

From Left to Right: Lights Out, PYT, Petit Four, Marshmallow, Zebra, 3-Way and LAX

Lights Out and PYT are my go to shades whenever I want that sun-kissed glow on my lips. But one sad news is that Colourpop has decided to discontinue the production of both colors. Good thing I got hold of these babies before they become extinct. I'm currently using them sparingly so that the bottles won't empty out so fast.

I also make these two shades sort of a lipstick highlighter or when I want to have a metallic touch to my non-metallic lipsticks. What I do is that I put this one on top of my lipsticks and turn it into an instant metallic lippy. Great idea, right? It really makes a great difference.

Zebra,3-Way and LAX are the colors I wear when I'm in a sort of WILD GIRL mood because the colors really emphasize my lips. I have actually written a blog post about LAX lippie. Read all about it HERE.

I also wanted some unique bold colors to be added to my collection so I decided to get Petit Four (gray) and Marshmallow (lavender). I have worn Marshmallow already but I have not worn Petit Four in public yet because I have not found the right OOTD to match it with. Hopefully I will get to wear it soon with the perfect outfit.
swatch party for my first 7 Colourpop lippies

And the newest addition to my collection is the Colourpop Ultra Matte lippie in VICE shade which I featured in my June Favorites blog post (read all about it HERE)

This one was given to me by my friend, Ate Jang. It's a matte lippy in very light pink to nude shade which is perfect for those OOTDs where I feel like dressing down and don't want too much color going on my lips. This was not included in my swatch party because I got hold of this after I took a photo of the swatch.

Those are the lippies in my Colourpop Collection so far. Again, please take note of the key words SO FAR because I still have plans on collecting more. I like the brand COLOURPOP so much because they sell quality makeup at very affordable prices. They may be a US brand but they offer free shipping worldwide for orders with a total of $50 and up. 

One tip I can share is that if individual orders don't sum up to $50 dollars is to pool makeup orders together with that of friends's orders until you reach that amount. That way, you get to save a lot of money on shipping. That is what my officemate does. When she orders from Colourpop, she asks us if we want to order as well so that the orders will accumulate and reach the amount to get free shipping to the Philippines. Smart idea, eh?

Oh and one more thing: A custom fee of around 150 pesos to 200 pesos must also be paid upon delivery of the items. This is always applicable for orders coming from outside the country - a very minimal fee considering that shipping is already free.

That's it for my #MakeUpMondays post. Until my next blog post! Kisses!

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  1. So much love for ColourPop! ♡ Been thinking of sharing my collection din for a quite a while now but never got around to doing it. Haha!