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It makes me very proud to see local business boom in any type of industry. One brand that I particularly am happy to see that is slowly making a name for itself specifically in the world of  beauty and colors is none other than YUKI HD COSMETICS.

What started out as a business that sells whitening soaps which sold pretty fast at online markets, YUKI HD COSMETICS has also shown their interest to make a name for themselves in the Beauty Industry. The brand uses Japanese formulation on their products (which explains the Japanese sounding name), and aside from this, their products are also organic, highly pigmented and non-drying. That's why it is no surprise that YUKI HD COSMETICS is slowly rising to fame after it launched in 2017 because the makeup they produce is indeed of good quality.

I am also proud to announce that I have been chosen as one of the BRAND AMBASSADORS of YUKI HD COSMETICS. I was also happy to have received (for the second time around) a cute pouch containing five of their latest makeup must-haves - 2 YUKI HD MATTE LIPSTICKS, 2 YUKI HD MATTE LIP CREAMS & YUKI HD BROW CUSHION. 

all lippies cost only 399 pesos each

Allow me to show you the swatches of the four lippies starting with the Matte Lipsticks.


(02) MINERVA - A purplish pink lippy. This is the first time that a lipstick of this color has invaded my makeup stash. And you know what? I actually adore this shade! This is definitely wearable not only during date nights but at the office as well (raise your hands if you're an office girl like yours truly!)
(3) HERMERA - a strong pink shade which I personally nicknamed as BARBIE PINK. I can wear this shade together which my light colored tops. Wearing this one together with dark colored tops wouldn't really be a fit. Again, it's a nice color. I'm not a huge fan of pink but hey, I think I can pretty much rock this one!

Up next, we have the YUKI HD MATTE LIP CREAMS

(05) PINK LEMONADE - before wearing this shade, I expected that it would be like the HERMERA LIPSTICK that I swatched but when I put it on, I was wrong. It's a darker shade of pink and a type of pink color that I can wear to the office without getting too much attention. (I'm basically low-key at work, in contrast when I'm out and about. Lol!)

(12) RED VELVET  - this shade is a mixture of strong red and orange shades. Because of the strength of both colors, I can conclude that this shade is too LOUD for me to wear during work. But when the weekend hits, THIS WILL BE MY SHADE! I mean look at it, it really made my lips POP. I love this shade. It's a no-go at the office, but definitely a yeah-go on days off.

And the last product that I am going to show you (but definitely not the least) is YUKI HD COSMETCS' EYEBROW CUSHION

When you open this one, you can see that there are two types of brown colors - a lighter shade on the left and a darker one on the right. Beside it is a two-way brush which are the essential tools in achieving the ever so sought after "KILAY GOALS". This retails for 499 pesos.

To be honest, I still haven't figured out how to use this one (I already watched a bunch of tutorials from my fellow Brand Ambassadors on Youtube) but my hands can't seem to get the hang of it just yet. But don't worry, I'll get there soon. So I guess you can expect a different tutorial for this one hopefully in the near future.

What I also like about YUKI HD COSMETICS overall is that they have very simple packaging. The name of the brand is written in white colored simple font sans a black background which makes it easier to read and spot immediately. Straight to the point and no shmansy-pansy in their packaging which I appreciate.

As to the quality, YUKI HD COSMETICS are indeed true to their claims. Their products are non-drying and long lasting. 

By the way, I also have a different blog post about the first batch of lippies that YUKI HD COSMETICS sent me which is their FAITH-LOVE-HOPE series of lip creams. You can check it out HERE.

Thanks for dropping by BABES and again, thank you to YUKI HD COSMETICS for the trust. Trust me guys, the products are indeed very promising.

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