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Hey babes. This will be sort of an OOTD BY MRS. A x OOTD FEATURE post because my very special guest for this particular style write up is none other than the person who's responsible for making me MRS. A tuh-day, ha ha! -- Mark Andrew S. Angliongto aka MR. A. 

*enter Mr. Right song by Kim Chiu but instead of singing "right", substitute it with A. Lol*

In one of my previous blog posts a while back, I wrote about UNIQLO's arrival in Davao City (read all about it HERE). Their first store opened at SM Lanang Premier mall and I was blessed to be one of the bloggers who went to the opening and also got first dibs on what UNIQLO first had to offer in the metro. Before going in, I already knew what I wanted to purchase - Nintendo shirts for Mr. A and I. I saw bloggers on Instagram sporting shirts from UNIQLO's Nintendo line and I wanted to buy a Super Mario one for us as well (because it was our favorite childhood Nintendo game. Raise your hand if you love that game too!). 

Lo and behold, I was lucky enough to find Super Mario inspired shirts during the opening. Ka-ching, Ka-ching!

We both decided to couple up and wear our UNIQLO NINTENDO shirts during one of our weekend dates at the mall.

WHAT I WORE: Nintendo Super Mario shirt, UNIQLO | Shorts, Divisoria | old belt, NCCC Department Store | Denim headband, Free Life at Gaisano Mall of Davao | Pink Shoes, EnzoshoppebySherylChan | Watch, Atmosfit from Kimstore.com

Would you believe that this old belt has been with me since I was in college? That is more or less ten years old already. The belt, as you can see on the photos, is pretty much showing its age thanks to certain areas of discoloration. As for the shoes, I got these at my favorite online shoe store - EnzoshoppebySherylChan. I bought this from their previous Facebook online page but now the brand has started to sell shoes (and some clothes, too) at Shopee. If you're interested to check out their other shoe designs, you can check out my shoe haul by clicking HERE.

Now for MR. A's OOTD...

WHAT MR. A WORE: Nintendo Shirt, UNIQLO | Light blue shorts, Gaisano Mall of Davao Department Store | Shoes, Calvin Klein | Bag, gift from his mom | Watch, Atmosfit from Kimstore.com 

The shorts definitely go well with the shirt. Here's a little tidbit about this one: we bought this one for only 300 pesos at Gaisano Mall of Davao's department store. Such a steal, right? Usually, men's wear retail for twice the price compared to that of women's but thanks to GMALL's midnight sale, we scored this baby for a great bargain and this is what Mr. A likes to wear because it can be paired with a lot of his shirts. Again, hurray for SALE!

UNIQLO's presence in Davao City will indeed help the city become more fashion forward thanks to its affordable, breathable and stylish apparel. As for us, the Angliongtos, we definitely love UNIQLO and we are looking forward to getting another sort of couple shirts from their future collaborations.

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