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O - M - G !!!

Three months have passed since my last "Monthly Favorites" post (the last one was about my JULY favorites) but I do have a good explanation - I was basically waiting for new favorites to accumulate so that I can just do it in one post. Ha ha! Good reason, right?

Mmmmkay... let's move on, shall we?

By the way, this post is a mix of household, fashion accessories and makeup items that I bought/received for the past three months which are indeed very useful for little ol' me. Ha ha!

ANYWAY, Here are my favorite buys/gifts from August to October of this year

1.) THE FACE SHOP POWER PERFECTION BB CREAM - my mother-in-law gave this to me when she visited Davao back in late August. She bought this one at the South Korean Airport during her layover there after a quick visit to my brother-in-law's family in New York. She actually got me two bottles because it is relatively inexpensive to buy this one in South Korea than buy this one here in the Philippines.

I can't thank my mother-in-law enough because this has got to be my favorite BB Cream to date! Why? Well, it blends almost perfectly on my skin. I don't really have a hard time blending this one using my silicon sponge because it just glides while I make the moves. Before this one, I was actually using my ELF BB Creme and I still use it up to this day but between the two, this one gives me better coverage and really matches my skin tone.

2.) TOUCH LAMP WARMERS - since MR. A and I love going to the spa, we decided to make our bedroom more errrr "SPA-LIKE", and lo and behold, we actually found the perfect item that indeed switches the aura of our room into a relaxing one. We bought this one from Scentchips located just in front of National Book Store at SM City Davao and got this for around 900 pesos (it was on sale from Php 1,100+)

So there are three levels of brightness - low, medium and high - which can be switched by merely tapping the lamp. Aside from illuminating the room, the heat from the light also melts the scented wax chips of choice.

this is the photo of high level brightness of the lamp

The spa-like experience won't be complete without the scented wax chips. MR. A and I chose the Eucalyptus pack (green one) and we also got ourselves the Citronella plus Orange pack. If I were to chose between the two, I would say that I like the Eucalyptus pack more because it really gives out a relaxing fragrance.

3.) CHELSEA BLACK SHOES - after a year of service, my wedge black shoes that I bought from Parisian finally decided to retire. Thanks to SM Davao's three day sale, I got myself this nice pair of wedge black shoes from Chelsea for only 700 pesos (slashed from the original 799 peso price). I always prefer wearing wedges instead of heels at the office because it allows me to move more and saves my feet from pain. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I swear, this has got to be the most comfortable pair of office shoes versus all my other office shoes in the past. A great buy indeed!

4.) CLOSEUP FRESH ATTRACTION TOOTHPASTES - thanks to my blogger friend Jeffrey Mondia's Instagram giveaway, I was one of the lucky ones who this giveaway. Mr. A and I already tried both new variants from Closeup's Fresh Attraction line - OXYRUSH and ARCTIC SHOCK -  and we really like them both. But if I were to choose, I like the OXYRUSH more and MR. A likes the ARCTIC SHOCK more. Nevertheless, both give out that fresh after brush feeling that makes you confident all day long.

5.) RED TASSEL EARRINGS - I just can't get enough tassel earrings lately. I was looking at my stash and I realized that I don't have this color that's why I bought this one. I got this from TASSELED PHILIPPINES (a Davao Based online shop on Facebook) for only 250 pesos. I like the design and I am confident that I will really go well with a lot of my future OOTDs.

Here's a photo of me wearing the earrings for the first time.

6.) BLUE AND YELLOW GOLD TASSEL EARRINGS - the tassel fever definitely not yet over! Lol! Here are two pairs of tassel earrings that I bought from my friend's sister from her online shop on Facebook called CRAFT-TING-EIGHT. I chose these colors because 1.) Blue is my favorite color of all time and 2.) I found the yellow gold very "must-haveable" if you know what I mean. I got this for only 80 pesos per pair since it was on sale. Inexpensive and quality is SUPERB! Great job, Ting!

Oh and aside from these tassel earrings, CRAFT-TING-EIGHT also sells cute arm candies and other cute collectibles so you might want to check her shop out.

7.) COLOURPOP MATTE LIP IN SHADE - bought this one from my officemates when they bought a bunch of lippies from Colourpop in bulk and I got this baby for only 160 pesos. Ah yes, another addition to my growing COLOURPOP collection. I did a blog post about my Colourpop Collection (click HERE to check that out).

8.) CAT'S EYE EYELINER STAMP - I got this one from the Cube Bazaar in Abreeza Ayala Mall which also sells lippies from COLOURETTE COSMETICS and this is actually very suitable for somebody like me who has no talent in achieving that close to perfect winged eyeliner. I've been practicing this for a while and I can honestly assess myself that I still haven't really gotten the hang of it just yet but this is just the eyeliner that I really, really need. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon, and if I do, Imma post a photo of myself here on my blog so you better watch out for that one.

9.) COLOURETTE SUPRAMATTE LIPPIES IN ELI AND ADRIA SHADES - I love both lippies as they are really light on the lips (does not feel like wearing any lipstick at all). I use ELI during work days because for me, the shade is much more "office-appropriate) while ADRIA is my date night go-to lippy and its coral red shade gives my lips a nice pop of color.

swatch of ELI & ADRIA shades

For the CAT'S EYE EYELINER STAMP and the COLOURETTE SUPRAMATTE LIPPIES, check out COLOURETTE COSMETICS DAVAO's Facebook page or check their physical store that the Cube Bazaar - 3rd floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall

10.) CLINIQUE TAKE THE DAY OFF MAKEUP REMOVER - I love my micellar waters but there are times that they don't do the job quickly than I hope they would. But this my friends has definitely surprised me. I remember practicing how to do the Cat's Eye Eyeliner and made a mistake so I used this one and in literally just one wipe with the help of the cotton pad, the eyeliner immediately vanished. Another plus is that it left a bit of oil which is proof of its moisturizing properties. This is a must-have in your makeup kits babes! I REPEAT... this is a must-have!

11.) EYESHADOW GLITTER PALETTE FROM WET N WILD COSMETICS - I got this as pasalubong from my office mate and friend Ma'am Jessica after her quick three-week trip to the United States. I was really happy when I opened this one because I have been searching for a glitter palette for a while now. I already have a Morphe Glitter Palette but I wanted a palette with the real deal glittery stuff on it. Oh Ma'am Jess, it's like she read my thoughts overseas.  This is a nice palette to work with when I want to look a bit extra even on ordinary days because hey, why not?!

One happy girl right here!

Me wearing the tassel earrings from CRAFT-TING-EIGHT, ADRIA Supramatte lippy from COLOURETTE COSMETICS and dabbed a bit of EYE SHADOW GLITTER from WET N WILD COSMETICS - THREE favorites in just one photo. =)

12.) ARGAN GOLD INTENSE RESCUE MASQUE FROM HAIRFOODCO. - this is HAIRFOODCO.'s newest product which they let me and my other co-bloggers try out. I tried this immediate after I got it and I just love what it did to my hair. 

What I did: After shampooing, I put a generous amount of this on my hair, put a shower cap on and let it for 15 to 20 mins. When I rinsed the masque from my hair, I noticed that there was less tangling and I can hand comb the hair after doing so. After a quick blow-dry, I also noticed that my hair was shinier like there's a built in protective coat on it. This is a product I would recommend to those who have damaged hair as this product is indeed promising and helpful. Imagine, I already noticed the great after effects after the first use. 

So this sums up my favorites for the past three months. Until my next MONTHLY FAVORITES post babes. Thanks for dropping by. *kisses*

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