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WHAT I WORE: Brown Top, gift from a relative | Denim Jacket, H&M | Brown Shorts, bought online | White Sneakers, SM Department Store | Earrings, Craft-Ting-Eight | Bracelet, gift from my cousin | Red Headband, TOMLIZ Uyanguren

Mr. A and I went on a quick getaway a couple of weekends ago at one of Davao's most popular tourist spots - EDEN NATURE PARK RESORT. Believe it or not, this outfit was pretty much a last minute decision. I literally had to slip on these in less than 5 minutes before leaving our house because Mr. A was already rushing me and I wasn't able to pick an outfit yet. So I just rushed to my closet and picked whatever that I found that fancied my eye. 

Turns out, I was the one who forgot that we were supposed to at 9 in the morning because we had to run a few errands before going to Eden. My bad. So yeah, this was the outfit I came up with in a rush! This is what I get for spending too much time lying down and browsing my various social media sites. Ha ha!

I honestly thought that the outfit I came up with just BLAH. But lo and behold, after I asked Mr. A to take a few OOTD photos of me (you know, just to see how I really look from top to bottom), I instantly thought of the Disney Princess, Snow White because of the combination of colors that I was wearing.

Image grabbed from PINTEREST at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/403142604115303761/?autologin=true (credits to the owner. such a nice drawing!)

Basically Snow White's outfit is composed of three colors - Royal Blue, Yellow and Red. And with this particular OOTD, I actually wore ALL THREE colors plus BROWN (aha, this is where the modern twist happens!) I got a blue denim jacket, yellow fringe earrings and a red headband.

And because I am "one with nature" at that moment, the brown color pretty much symbolizes that aspect. 

Scored this lovely denim jacket on sale for only Php 500 from H&M a couple of months ago.

I got this lovely pair of golden yellow fringe earrings from my officemate's sister's online shop - CRAFT-TING-EIGHT

Got this red headband from my mini Uyanguren Haul a couple of months ago (Click HERE to see the blog post) 

So what do you guys think? With the color combination plus my errrr fair skin, can I pass as a so-called Modern Day Snow White? You be the judge! Lol.

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