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Hey babes! So I finally got hold of my 7th Saladbox and I received this one on the first week of July. The pouch weighed quite heavy for that particular subscription so when I opened it, I was surprised to find these inside...

Aside from the box containing goodies from VITRESS, I also got two hair colors from KOLOURS.

What's inside the Saladbox.

VITRESS Cuticle Coat Heat Protect

VITRESS Hair Polish Sun Protect - don't forget, it is not only our skin that needs protection from the sun. Our hair needs that extra TLC as well.

VITRESS Cuticle Coat Instant Relax

VITRESS Cuticle Coat Classic

VITRESS Cuticle Coat Hair Repair

VITRESS Hair Solutions SOLENN Hair Cuticle Coat
 and of course, two dual conditioning hair colors from KOLOURS in THAI TAMARIND and SHANGHAI MAHOGANY

That particular month's Saladbox contained products that were a break from the usual skin care and makeup. I honestly appreciated the contents because it is a subtle reminder that we also have to take care of our tresses, and the products from VITRESS are indeed of big help in doing so. Take for example the various cuticle coats and why is it important: not all of us are aware of the importance of protecting our hair's cuticles because of the lack of knowledge of its use. Cuticles are the outermost layers of our hair and is essential for healthy hair growth. Since it is dubbed as the outermost layer, it also works by protecting the innermost layers of our hair and does a great deal on protecting our scalp as well. That particular "job description" of the cuticle pretty much tells us that yeah, we really have to protect the cuticles. And thus, VITRESS' cuticle coats.

For the two hair colors from KOLOURS, I gave one each to my sister and my friend. As for the VITRESS products, I haven't used all of them up just yet but I can tell you this: my first observation is that they all smelled nice. One will definitely enjoy caring for her hair using VITRESS products thanks to the mild scents that these products possess.

(by the way, SALADBOX has rebranded and is now known as GILTBOX).

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