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WHAT I WORE: Checkered One-shoulder top, bought online | Mom jeans, thrifted and reconstructed by yours truly | Brown boots, Divisoria | Cowboy hat, GMALL | Earrings, Tasseled Philippines | Scarf, GMALL | Bracelet, gift from my cousin

Allow me to start this first post of the year of mine by saying ...


Oh wow! I can't believe it's already 2018. Last year flew by so quickly, don't you agree? Anyway, cheers to another chapter of our lives. For this year, I'll be on my 29th Chapter so that's something to look forward to - my last line of 2 year ha ha!

How about this barn inspired outfit for this year's first blog post? This whole outfit is what I wore to last late November's SMART Christmas party which was held at Davao Convention Center, Torres Street, Davao City. The party's theme was all about barn wear and this is what I came up with:

For this outfit, I pretty much sought the help of Pinterest and gathered the usual common denominators of any Barn outfit - boots, scarf (majority of which I saw were in the color red), checkered ensemble, loose jeans and of course, the brown cowboy hat.

This was actually the first time I wore this top. To be honest, this top was a last minute decision (ugh, why am I always like this lately? *facepalm*). I was choosing between two tops that time and the other top was my real choice but during the last minute (like that very morning), I got this blue-white checkered top instead. I don't know what came over me but yeah, that's the back story of how this top became a part of this barn outfit.

I love the whole one shoulder drama going on in this outfit. Sort of like a conservative slash slightly seductive barn girl situation right here.

And how cute are these sacks with SMART's logo on it? So IG worthy, by the way!

Thank you so much SMART COMMUNICATIONS INC for always supporting the Davao Bloggers Society and for all the great services. I am currently using GIGA99 which I register every week - 2 GB data plus unlimited texts to ALL networks which is good for 7 days. This package is just perfect for somebody like me who spends working breaks on the internet.

Hi, I'm MRS. A... your SMART BARN GIRL *wink*

Here's me blowing kisses to SMART and to all of you my babes! Let's rock 2018 together! =)

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