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Hola babes! It's time for another edition of MONTHLY FAVORITES. This time, I merged two months worth of favorites in one post because I wasn't able to really acquire that many purchases for the past two months. It was Christmas time last month and I knew (wow, kapal haha) that I would be receiving gifts from family and friends so I opted not to buy that much and save space for new gifts.

Let's begin...

1.) TRAVEL MAKEUP BRUSHES - I traveled out of town several times in 2017 and I realized having only one set of makeup brushes (my unicorn set) was a hassle because of course, I had to wash and put the brushes back to my dresser IMMEDIATELY after traveling. I decided to purchase makeup brushes that will be used solely when traveling so that I can wash these later when I have free time after traveling. I got this blue-gold brush set from Shopee for only 100 pesos (yep, the entire set for only a hundred bucks!). As to the quality of the brushes, they are actually quite smooth and get the job done. 

2.) O.TWO.O ROSE GOLD ELIXIR BEAUTY OIL - this new brand of makeup caught my attention thanks to their fancy packaging. I did a little research and found out that the brand originated from Hong Kong and has already been reviewed by several beauty bloggers from Russia and Europe. Their verdict? Nothing but good praises for the brand specifically this beauty oil. I also read a few reviews online and they said that this rose gold beauty oil helps make the skin glow. This beauty oil can be used before putting on makeup (a primer substitute), on makeup (mixed with BB Cream and foundation) and also as part of a nightly beauty regimen ( a leave on before going to sleep).

I have already tried this beauty oil on my face and the rumors are indeed true! It gave my face a bit of glow whenever I put on makeup. I also put this one during workdays when I just want to look a little "extra".

3.) O.TWO.O BLACK GOLD CONCEALER IN 03 VANILLA SHADE - Here's another product from the newly discovered Hong Kong Cosmetics Line. I ran out of concealer in November hence the purchase of this one. I'm still getting the hang of this one though but it does work on my skin. I can easily blend this one but of course, with the aid of a face primer. I tried blending it without using a primer and it wasn't a good idea.

Oh, and this only costs Php 130 so it's pretty inexpensive. I honestly got more than what I paid for.

4.) SIMPLE MAKEUP WIPES - I didn't purchase this one though as this was part of the Box of Joy that Lazada gave us, but using this one made me appreciate makeup wipes on a higher level. This is by far the best makeup wipes that I have used. Not only does it remove makeup on my face but I feel hydrated afterwards too.

5.) H&M LIPSTICK IN 045 PEACHES AND CREAM SHADE - this was given to me by fellow blogger and furmommah Kezia. I wasn't really into light colored lippies before because I thought that they wouldn't look good on me but this was really nice. This is the go-to lippy during pastel themed photo shoots because it would really go great with the theme and of course, the look. I actually had a photo wearing this lip shade but I couldn't find it (sad). I'll just take a photo next time and update this blog post.

6.) FAUX FUR SLIDES - Okay so I honestly forgot where I purchased this one (though I distinctly remember purchasing this one on the first week of November). This is currently my go-to footwear on days when 1.) I'm not the designated driver and 2.) I'm too lazy to put on shoes. From the footwear's name itself, I just "slide" in my feet and I'm good to go. Comfy? Heck yeah! I don't care if these are fakies because this pair is just amazing. It's practically my feet's new bff.

That is it for my November-December Favorites. Thank you so much for dropping by and until my next post. Ciao, babes! *kisses*

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