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WHAT I WORE: White Zipper Back Top, bought online | Lazy Pants, Divisoria | White Sneakers, SM Department Store | Necklace, Gaisano Ilustre

Mr. A and I went home to my folks' house for a quick visit one Sunday afternoon. While picking out clothes to wear, I saw this pair of lazy pants that I bought last year in Divisoria and realized that I haven't worn this one yet. So I grabbed the pants and immediately thought of a top and accessories that go together perfectly with the pants.

I ended up choosing one of my closet staples - the plain white shirt - this shirt, however, has a zipper at the back which I find sometimes find uncomfortable when it grabs hold of a few strands of my hair while I put it on. Lol! So I just have to be really careful when I wear this one. 

Since the lazy pants has vertical stripe details, it is just right to wear a plain top. I mention this a lot on my ootd posts - I'm the type of person who can't really work print on print together. So I always practice the plain-print type of style to be safe. I tried wearing print on print before and it was just terrible. I am cringing right now just thinking about that moment. Oh well, past is past!

Since the top is plain, I wore this necklace that I bought from Gaisano Ilustre in November 2015. It has blue hues on it ending with yellow colored ribbons at the bottom which is a really nice design and very pleasing to the eyes. And it also goes well with my light blue lazy pants because of the color scheme.

Of all the shoes that I own, this white pair of sneaks that I bought from SM Department Store was the only one that matched the lazy pants. I tried wearing my gold rubber sandals with it but nah, it did not look so pretty together. This was definitely THE ONLY CHOICE.

Hurray for laid-back Sundays and for lazy pants such as this pair. I sincerely want more pants like this one. It is just so comfy to wear!

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