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Here's a simple appreciation post to one of the best hair must-haves out there!

Brushing my hair has never been this enjoyable ever since I got my hands on this CACAI FREEDOM HAIR BRUSH PROFESSIONAL (ON-THE-GO DETANGLER) by HAIRFOODCO.


You read it right... DETANGLER. You know, the act of removing tangles. Duh. Haha joke!

I mean come on babes, don't we just hate it when we have to endure that painful battle during brushing our hair after we take a bath? I sure do. After every bath, it's like my hair gets clingy with each other all of a sudden and they don't behave! Ugh, combing was indeed a struggle back then.


The comb was designed by HAIRFOODCO. to help lessen the pain while taming out those stubborn knots on our hair during brushing. The comb's irregular design is what makes this stand out from all those other brushes in the market and at the same time, its irregular design is pretty much the one responsible for that magical "detangling" act as it glides on the hair.

I have tried other brands before whose brushes claim to be "DETANGLERS" but honestly, none of those worked out for me until the CACAI FREEDOM HAIR BRUSH came into the picture. So yeah, since then I had to say BYE, FELICIA to unwanted knots and hello to hair that can be easily combed even when they're all being clingy. Clingy Hair, I Care!


Yes babes, the rumors are indeed true!!! 

This brush really works in making your hair "KNOTTY" to "NICE"

Get it? Get it? Ha ha!

Isn't it obvious enough that I am totally digging this hair brush and that yesssss, I highly recommend this one to all my fellow babes who hate the hassle that tangles on our hair give us. This is a new breed of hairbrush that changes the daily combing game that we always play.

Available Colors: Light Blue (the one that I got), Glossy Hot Pink and Black (new color)

Where to buy in Davao City: Check out HAIRFOODCO.'s stalls at Abreeza Ayala Mall (Ground Floor), SM City Davao Ecoland (Second Floor), SM Lanang Premier Mall (Ground Floor)

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