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WHAT I WORE: White top + Mint Shorts + Sandals, bought online | Earrings, gift from my best friend Katrina | Necklace, Tomliz Uyanguren | Bracelet, Divisoria | Bag, Nine West

Hello again, babes! Guess what? We just started the second month of the year which is quite a surprise for me. Why? Well it seems like it was just a couple of days ago when I welcomed 2018 and now, a month has already passed. 

Anyway, here's another OOTD post for you guys which was taken a couple of days ago during one of my Sundates with Mr. A at SM Lanang Premier mall. I decided to keep it simple by sporting a white top and paired it with plain mint green shorts.

The top and shorts combo were really just a simple put together type of thing. But there's actually another reason why I chose to wear simple clothing that day and that is because I want to highlight the other pieces of items that I was wearing.

Wearing a white shirt made it easier to highlight the other pieces that I was wearing. Many people make the mistake of making each piece of clothing or item they are wearing too "LOUD" because they think it will bring them more attention. That's actually wrong. Pick an item or two which you want to be highlighted and then you adjust the other pieces by toning them down. In my case, I toned down the clothing and gave way to highlight the colors of the earrings and the details on my sandals.

This pair is one of my favorite earrings.
Who would have thought that Teal and Orange would actually make a great combination? Well, I didn't at first until I received these earrings and started wearing them. Normally, orange is not my go to color but when paired with dark colors, I'm sold! 

Oh, and I also decided to do a bit of change for myself that particular day. I decided to have my hair trimmed a couple of inches and make way for a new look for 2018.


... to this =)

Hmmm... a bit shorter than the length that I wanted it to be but hey, it kinda looks good on me. Thoughts, babes? Don't worry... I won't get mad. Ha ha!

Can't wait to see what's in store for me this 2018. We still have 11 months to go.
Until my next OOTD post, babes =)

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