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I'm the type of girl who is very dependent on lip and cheek tints! I mean think about it - you get two beauty essentials in a small bottle - one to give a bit of blush on the cheeks and the second is to give the lips a bit of color. Basically, there is always a lip and cheek tint inside my kikay kit and even on my bedside table. That's how much I value that type of beauty innovation.

When a friend of mine gave me my first ever KISS & TELL Lip and Cheek tint in Prom Shade last December 2016 as a Christmas gift, I instantly fell in love with it! (shoutout to Shee for introducing me to Kiss & Tell Lip and Cheek tints. Thanks Mare!) I love how the tint easily blends on my face even if I just put on Belo's tinted sunscreen. I also tried blending it with my usual BB creams and yes, it fully cooperated. 


I was able to get my hands on KISS & TELL's other lip and cheek tint shades and here are the four shades which I have tried so far:

BERRY ME - this is the boldest shade among all the four shades that I own. The color leans more on the purple side mixed with a bit of berry red and hence, the name BERRY ME. I like using this one on the weekends because there is just too much color going on during weekdays when I'm at work. The color is however closer to this year's color of the year which is PANTONE: ULTRA VIOLET. This color is best worn during night time.

GET NAKED - this is the color that was a crowd favorite among all the women during our Davao Bloggers Society Christmas party last year. The brownish-red color gives a sultry finish to every look after application. It's like a cross over between a flirty and conservative girl who want adventure. I don't know if that even makes sense but that's how I feel about this tint. Ha ha!

PROM - as what I have mentioned above, this is the first KISS & TELL Lip and Cheek tint that I own that was given to me as a gift. This is what I wear almost every single day at work because of the subtle pink color. I love how this look on me. It gives me an instant "up glow" especially during days when I don't feel like I look my best. What I do is that I just apply this one on both my cheeks and lips and I get an instant pinkish glow. For me, this color would be great among teenagers as a starter lip and cheek tint color.

LOVE SICK - this bright red lip and cheek tint is best worn during day time as it gives an instant pop of color and is much visible during that time. Same with the PROM shade, I also wear this color to work especially during Fridays when we wear our red company shirts.

If I were to rate all four shades from my favorite to my most favorite, then this would be the order:

BERRY ME - LOVE SICK - GET NAKED - PROM (PROM is still my number 1 favorite among all shades because again, it's the shade that I can wear most of the time especially at work)

Special thanks to Ms. Niña for supporting the Davao Bloggers Society and for bringing these awesome lip and cheek tints to the market. *kisses*

Interested? Check out KISS & TELL's Facebook page by clicking HERE

Or check their Instagram out by following them at @kissandtellphil

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