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Hola, Babes! The first month of the year has passed by already (wow, that was fast!) and it's time for another post about my MONTHLY FAVORITES featuring stuff that I received/bought in January of this year.

Let's begin...

1.) "WANNA BE A TRAVELER" UNDIES POUCH - this is actually a gift from Pau Ruta of Not many people know this but I am actually a sucker for pouches because I love to keep things organized and in their proper place. This undies pouch will definitely come in handy during overnight trips or long ones. Thanks again, Pau! 

2.) COVER GIRL LIPSTICK AND LIP MOISTURIZER IN DUSTY ROSE - My Auntie Pamela made a Facebook group chat where my cousins, sister and I would bid on her stuff that she is about to dispose (for free). During the last bidding sesh, Auntie Pam had tons of Cover Girl lippies to give away and I was lucky enough to be one of those who grabbed a shade and surprising, a shade that I really like - Dusty Rose.

From the looks of the swatch, the color definitely matches my skin tone. I have worn it several weekends already and yeah, I love it. Oh, and I love the lip moisturizer as well. I wear it before I put on the lipstick to give my lips more protection and make the application of the color smoother.

3.) PINKIES COLLECTION MAKE UP BASE - so here's the thing: my favorite primer just ran out last mid December 2017 (INGRID COSMETICS MAKE UP BASE) and I was about to buy another one at SM Lanang Premier's Deparment Store when the saleslady told me that the brand pulled out of the store several months back. I have already visited a lot of malls in Davao City and also in Manila to find a bottle of my favorite primer but luck wasn't on my side this time. So I decided to try another make up base while still searching for the one that I like. Surprisingly, I actually like this make up base by Pinkies Collection. Though it doesn't give a matte finish like Ingrid Cosmetics does, it still gets the job done. If I remember correctly, I think I got this whole bottle for only below 300 pesos.

4.) STRAPPY FLATS - while walking around at Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall, we spotted an area that housed a small bazaar just near a few restaurants of the mall. My mother in law decided to take a look and she found a small stall that sold shoes for only 199 pesos each. So she bought one pair for herself, for my sister in law and for me. This was the design that I chose but this was not the color scheme that I wanted in the first place. The color that I wanted had no size 7 in stock so I had to settle for this one. Don't get me wrong, I still like this color scheme but it's just that it was not the one I really wanted. But hey, it's still cute though.

That is it for my favorites of the first month of 2018. Until my next monthly favorites post. C I A O!

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