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Women still need to channel their inner girl scouts once in a while especially that time of the month when that somewhat unwanted visitor makes an unexpected surprise. I'm talking about our lovable Aunt-Flo (Period).

One brand that I consider my best galpal during my red days is none other JEUNESSE ANION Sanitary pads. Believe it or not, I always carry a certain pad with me every single day just in case AF decides to show up or when a friend needs one because her period unexpected came.

ULTRA THIN SUPER ABSORBENT DAY PADS - I love using this one during periods (especially when I'm at work) because it's as if I'm not wearing any pads at all. This is ideal for those girls who are always on the go and don't need the extra "feeling" down there during that time on the month. These pads? fairly breathable and hardly noticeable. How about during days when flow is the heaviest? Fret no more thanks to these winged pads. Such life savers.

EXTRA LONG FOR EXTRA COMFORT AT NIGHT ANION ALL-NIGHT PAD - I personally have a bit of trouble sleeping during my periods. I really can't fully explain the discomfort down there while lying down but it's obvious something that bothers me. Thanks to these pads living up to the phrase EXTRA COMFORT AT NIGHT, I have had less trouble sleeping which is indeed a huge plus for me. And another plus is that these pads are long enough to protect my undies (and our bed sheet, ha ha!) from period stains. No "huhu nalapsan ako" moments in bed since I started using this one. Heavy flow, bring it on!

NON-WING ULTRA THIN SUPER ABSORBENT DAY PADS - I am a type of girl who prefers winged napkins over the non-wing ones, but these pads are an exception. I use these pads during the day (and even at night) when my period is about to end. The pads are very comfortable and despite the lack of wings, still manage to stay in place on the underwear.

SINGLE THIN PADS - these individually packed pads are perfect to have inside women's bags just in case when, again, Aunt Flo shows up or if your bff needs it so bad.

PANTY LINERS - every woman still needs to keep it clean down there pre or post period. And these pantyliners are just what every woman needs. It's so thin that one can hardly ever notice it's down there plus it absorbs bad odor as well. 

Ladies, JEUNESSE ANION is the brand to trust when it comes to feminine hygiene - Pre, Post and During periods.

Gentlemen, get your ladies a pack or two of these pads right now! The women will love you for sure.

JEUNESSE ANION pads are definitely a women's MUST HAVE!

You can purchase these at supermarkets and Watsons stores nationwide.

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