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WHAT I WORE: Superman Shirt, SHOPEE | Jeans, THRIFTED | Shoes, ENZO SHOPPE BY SHERYL CHAN (Shopee Account) | Watch, ATMOSFIT | Earrings, CRAFT-TING-EIGHT

Hey babes! Here's another style post featuring this shirt that I got from SHOPEE. I'm not really a tshirt-jeans type of gal but I do have my moments sometimes. And this, babes, is one of those moments when I said to myself "Hmmm you know what, I think Imma wear a shirt today just because... why not".

Like I said, I'm not really a tshirt wearing type of gal but when I saw this blue SUPERMAN  shirt while I was browsing on SHOPEE, I instantly became attracted to it. I guess the main reason is that I absolutely love the color BLUE which is the predominant color of this shirt. I got this from wpfashiondressyhouse account and this one is only Php 150 pesos. It's insanely inexpensive. The fabric? It's not entirely breathable but it's not that hot either. So yeah, good pick *thumbs up!*.


 That big S on the side says it all.

Just to make my tshirt-jeans combo look more girly, I decided to wear my new favorite block shoes which I bought from ENZO SHOPPE BY SHERYL CHAN (another account from SHOPEE). Then I threw in these royal blue fringe earrings which I bought from CRAFT-TING-EIGHT.


Oh, and talk about couple goals... Mr. A decided to wear his Superhero shirt on the same day as well. If I went as SUPERMAN, his role for the day was THE FLASH.

WHAT MR. A WORE: The Flash Shirt, PENSHOPPE | Blue Pants, Calliope | Shoes, LEVI'S | Watch, ATMOSTFIT


Now that I think about it, I guess another reason why I was attracted to this shirt is perhaps the thought that I do sometimes play the role of a SUPERHERO once in a while. Aside from working in a bank during weekdays, I am a full time wife and I also run a household. On top of all that, I still manage to write blogs and edit vlogs when I have time. Oh and here's another secret... I even teach English to Japanese students during my free time. I know... I know... many might think that I have too much on my plate already but you know what, I'm happy doing all of these.

As for the title of this blog post... here's my reply:

"Sorry Superman, but I think I will keep this shirt and play this role for a long time."

Athina Inting - Angliongto: Your resident supergal ;)

Cheers to more shirt and jeans (plus heels when I feel like it ha ha!) type of days.

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