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As somebody who spends 5 days a week, at least 9 hours a day in the office, it’s almost impossible for me to make time for myself and even to have a social life. Imagine, being in the office already takes up 37.5% of my whole day. Nevertheless, I still try my very best to balance my career, my personal life and of course, some me-time as well.

Being a busy-bee is not an easy feat. I admittedly sometimes forget to take good care of myself and focus on other aspects of my life. I sometimes think that it’s a good thing to prioritize important tasks in life which is why I put less focus on taking good care of myself especially my skin. But girls, please believe me that this is absolutely WRONG!  I know, I know… practice what you preach, right? One problem of mine is that MOST OF THE TIME, I go out of the office (under the heat of Mr. SUN) without using an umbrella or worse, without putting on the right lotion for protection. If you think it’s only the UV rays that are harmful to our skin, think again.


Environmental Aggressors are intangible monsters that do great damage to our skin. Examples of popular environmental aggressors are UV Rays from the sun, pollution, smoke emitted from cars and factories and even stress. Oh, and even the light from the computer and mobile phones are also  All these villains are just a fraction of reasons that make our skin darker, drier and make us age quicker
GOOD NEWS: VASELINE is here to save the day!

Vaseline’s newest skin hero – VASELINE HEALTHY WHITE SUN + POLLUTION PROTECTION - is specially made to target the environmental villains that continue to damage our skin every single day. The name of the products says it all! It contains PPF (Pollution Protection Formula) that fights daily pollution and urban aggressors while giving enough moisturization to the skin.


Glycerin – Provides additional moisturization which is crucial for barrier health.

Stearic acid - A building block within the stratum corneum, stearic acid is essential to get healthy skin as it is a key component in the extracellular space.

Niacinamide – this is important in maintaining fair skin by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes.

Petroleum Jelly – this plays an important role as an occlusive which not only traps moisture within the skin but also can act as a protective barrier, blocking particular matter from direct contact with the skin.

Vitamin E - A fat-soluble antioxidant which we all learned that our skin needs since we were in elementary.

Whether you’re a career woman, a mother, a student, a freelancer… basically whatever your role in life is - always remember to MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF

Now, going out and walking the streets need not be a problem thanks to the new VASELINE HEALTHY WHITE SUN + POLLUTION PROTECTION

You can conquer each day without the fear of getting your skin damaged. Check me out braving Downtown Davao's streets at 3 in the afternoon =)

Vaseline Healthy White is now available in all Watsons stores nationwide with the following pack sizes and SRP’s:

100mL - Php 116.00;
200mL - Php 200.00;350mL - Php 315.00.
Don’t forget to follow Vaseline at @vaselineph and share your city-ready skin with the hashtag,

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  1. waaah!! so happy that Vaseline decided to release a new variant: Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection!! definitely a MUST HAVE since the sun rays and pollution is crazyyy in MNL!!

  2. This is a really great informative post! I personally use this product too and I find it really helpful and it definitely makes me feel protected under the harsh sun and pollution in the Metro! Thanks for this! :)

  3. I am often found in the city every weekends with my family & friends and I just can't withstand the sun's UV rays and pollution damaging my skin every time I go out with them. I usually put lotion only if I’m heading to the beach because I thought that the sun is seriously more intense in those kind of places. But then I knew that even if you are in urban areas, there are still a lot of harmful effects to your skin. That’s why I am so glad that Vaseline released this new product that can help me avoid skin damaging factors! Now I have the freedom to walk around the city without ever worrying about my skin! �� Thanks to Vaseline, now I am city ready!