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I’ve been having hair trouble lately thanks to the emotional stress I’ve been getting at work (for the record, I love my work but there have been some issues lately which I had face). This heavy emotional stress was a huge factor that dried my scalp (ugh, dandruff everywhere), plenty of falling hair and just to sum everything up, my hair was a complete disaster!

But thanks to Buddy Congson, my hair is all new!

Buddy Congson, balayage extraordinaire, was the one who colored my hair around the same month last year. Thanks to OLAPLEX and his extreme care in coloring one’s hair, my hair did not go through the dry tresses phase which usually happens to many people who have their hair colored. My hair wasn’t perfect but it was great up until this office drama consumed me. Ugh.

Check out my Hair Makeover Youtube video which I had last year with Buddy Congson

So this was my hair before

And this is my hair now after Buddy Congson's magic touch

My hair is now ash gray in color. The ash gray is lightly visible on the upper half of my hair while it’s heavily darker on the bottom part of my hair. And guess what, this is exactly what I wanted to have as my hair color. I have always been fascinated with gray hair and Buddy Congson made it happen. I didn’t even ask Buddy to exactly have it colored this way and surprised me indeed.

One week post-balayage, would you believe that my hair is almost back to normal? A big bunch of gratitude to Buddy and how he handled my hair, the OLAPLEX treatment and I guess thanks to me for trying my hardest to manage the office-related stress. Whew!

I guess this means new hair, new outlook in life? Yeah, probably *wink*

Here are a couple of photos of me with my co-Buddy Bagayage babes: Mommy Olivia and Clea

Thank you, Buddy, for bringing our hair back to life. Mwah!

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