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There's just something about fashion concept stores that make me want to go GAGA and shop like crazy! Stores that don't make me think if I really need it because majority of the time, the answer is definitely "Nope, I don't need this but I must have it anyway". Ha ha!

During our quick weekend getaway in Tagum City a couple of months ago, Mr. A and I discovered a cute store that made my eyes sparkle. Enter, ILAHUI --- located at CityMall, Tagum City.

It was only after shopping at this store that I learned more about ILAHUI after doing a bit of research online. Pronounced as "Ay-La-Hway", ILAHUI is a Korean inspired one stop shop that offers various products such as fashion accessories, household items and of course, skin care products. They have around 6 branches in the country and two of them are located in Tagum City (GMALL of Tagum and CityMall of Tagum).

What attracted me first in entering their store was that their lights were so bright and the place itself was aesthetically inviting. The products were well organized and as for the staff, they were always on stand by when customers needed assistance.

I was a bit down on my luck that day because prior to discovering this cute store, Mr. A and I already spent a chunk of our weekend getaway money on food ha ha! (because hey, food is LIFE!). So we only had a few hundred pesos to spare before going back to Davao City.

These are the items that we bought:

Cute Wall Hooks Php 49 for three hooks - I just had to have these so that I can neatly arrange my belts, scarves and caps on the walls of my walk in closet.

Blue Mirror Sunnies Php 249 - hey, it's summer and one can never have too many sunnies during summer, right? Ha ha!
Mr. A's look
My look

Oversized Mirrored Sunnies Php 249 - What I love about this pair of sunnies is that it looks good for both men and women. Check out Mr. A and I rocking the same sunnies. This is actually Mr. A's purchase but since it looks good on me as well, then it's definitely something we could share... a HIS and HER item. Yeay! Ha ha!

So yeah, if we had more money to spare, I would have had tons of stuff to share in this post.  Judging from the prices that we bought plus the stuff that we were able to check out (but unfortunately were not able to buy. sad.), their prices are indeed very affordable. That's okay, there's still a next time.

I'm just glad that I discovered a new favorite shopping place and I am definitely visiting here again when we go back to Tagum City.

ILAHUI in Tagum City is located at CityMall and at GMALL.

P.S. I hope ILAHUI Philippines opens in Davao City soon. Tagum is great and all but it would be nice to have this store within reach. Ha ha

Thanks for reading, Babes! Until my next post :)

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