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I think a lot of people can relate with me on this one. I have always had yellowish teeth since I was young.  No, that was not because I was smoking or what, but my teeth were just made that way. I guess I take after my mom who had yellow yet very strong teeth.

I honestly struggled as I was envious of friends, classmates and celebrities who had pearly white teeth. Sure, there were dental options and procedures that can solve my insecurities but well, these cost A FORTUNE and I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

Until I heard of CREST WHITENING STRIPS as a few of my friends vouched that the strips are indeed heaven sent!

Hmmm, really huh? So I just had to find out for myself if what they said were true.

I got hold of my first box of CREST WHITENING STRIPS when a friend, who went on vacation in the States, gave this to me since she said she bought extras. Inside the box were twenty pairs of strips which means that each box is good for twenty days of usage. (you can only use each pair once a day)

Each pair had one longer strip and one shorter strip. I watched Youtube videos to guide me and I learned that the longer strip was used for the upper teeth and the shorter strip was for the lower set of teeth.

How I used it: After brushing my teeth, I put the strips on its respective places. I make sure that there are neatly placed on the teeth. I wait for a maximum of 30 minutes before pulling each strip out. As per other Youtubers, they did this every day for twenty days but in my case since my teeth are sensitive (please see further details below at the OBSERVATIONS part), I did it every other day on weekdays instead. (Please see disclaimer part for the explanation)

Observations: I don’t know if it’s because I have sensitive teeth but I did notice on the first few days of usage that my teeth feel weird like it’s about to fall off. I asked my friends who tried the strips if they felt the same thing and they said it was just normal. Whew! Around the 10th to 20th day I already got used to the strange feeling. It’s not really that bad after all!

Results: I took a few photos to document my teeth’s progress and here they are!

Disclaimer: I took these photos at the same place (my cubicle) at the office, around the same time (at 9:30 in the morning), with the same lighting situation (office). Another thing is that I only used the strips only on weekdays so that I can document the progress properly.

Here's a photo of my teeth before using the CREST WHITENING STRIPS
Results of my teeth at Day 5 of using the strips. I think there's a bit of difference here already.

Day 15 of using the strips and I can see quite a material difference before I started using the strips.
Here's the final result: Pre CREST WHITENING STRIPS teeth vs. finishing the entire box. There is an obvious difference for sure.



Verdict: I honestly couldn’t see it personally but the pictures definitely speak for themselves! So it’s a big YES

But for me, one box is definitely not enough to achieve that pearly white teeth that one probably dreams of. I might get myself another box or two.

Price: Before I forget,  a box of CREST WHITENING STRIPS with 20 strips retails for about PHP 2,500 plus in the Philippines and can be bought online (sorry I don't really know the exact amount as this was given to me as a gift). Just make sure you find a reliable seller.

Is the price worth it?: For me, getting a few boxes of this is way cheaper than getting a whitening dental procedure that costs n times than using the strips. So yeah for me, IT IS WORTH IT!

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  1. I was actually looking for a teeth whitening product twin. I still have good set of teeth but I noticed it became too yellow. Nakakaconscious na din hahaha! This is a good review Twin!