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HITTING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE - "to succeed in achieving two things in a single action"

As your typical “office girl”, working in a company means celebrating various occasions with colleagues such as company anniversaries and Christmas parties. That, of course, includes dressing up in line with a certain theme that is being decided along with that particular occasion.

Now, for somebody like me who is also a member of Davao’s prestigious Blogging Organization, I also get the privilege of dressing up during the organization’s annual Christmas party. It has been a tradition for the Davao Bloggers Society to gather its members and celebrate the Yuletide season every December. This also includes a bit of fun in dressing up depending on the theme given for that particular year.

Last year, I had a bit of a “fashion dilemma” because as an office girl, our company Christmas party’s theme was “BLACK AND GOLD” which means to wear a semi-formal attire with any one or both of those colors; and as a member of DBS, last year’s Christmas party theme was all about dressing up in GLAM and walking the RED CARPET. Since both occasions require ensembles that are out of the ordinary everyday attire, I had to think of a wardrobe that I could use for both occasions to save myself from being fashionably stressed.

So I decided to have a two-piece gown custom made by my “suki” seamstress, Ms. Bernadith Saito.

First Piece: GOLD Mini Dress

Second Piece: Long ROYAL BLUE Glittered Skirt

As you can see, I had these two pieces made and when worn together, look like a long sleeved two-toned long gown. Thanks to this outfit, I won “BEST DRESSED FEMALE” during last year’s DAVAO BLOGGERS SOCIETY Christmas Party.

Why these two colors? Remember what I said earlier about the company Christmas party? Well, we were to wear any BLACK and GOLD outfit. I asked almost everybody and they told me they were definitely wearing BLACK since it was the easiest color to pick. But me being extra, I decided to go against the norm and wear GOLD. That’s why I had the GOLD Mini Dress made so that I could wear this to the company Christmas party. As for the other one, ROYAL BLUE has been my favorite color since the year 2007 (I’m detailed like that because… why not?) and this maxi skirt would be perfect as a bottom piece for the next formal occasion that I will attend. (I still need to find a suitable top for it but I’m confident that that would be an easy task)

Anyway, here’s a photo of me during the company Christmas party last year. Since the GOLD mini skirt was “too revealing”, I decided to throw in my reconstructed CHAMPAGNE skirt to lessen the skin exposure.
Photo taken by Jeff Guibao
This is what I meant by going against the NORM - spot the only one wearing GOLD... oh, THAT'S ME! (photo grabbed from Jeff Guibao)

There you have it! For only 2,500, I was already able to use the pieces in two separate occasions in the same month… and more occasion to come in the future.

Yep, that 2,500 is surely going to go a long way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is being FASHIONABLE without breaking the bank. *bow*

This is what it means to be HITTING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE.

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