By Athina Angliongto - 4:10:00 PM

So mustard is not just a condiment anymore... it can also be a color that you might love to wear!

I was never a fan of the color yellow before until I came across the MUSTARD color. There's something about this color that really caught my eye and little did I know, I was already slowly buying pieces of clothing with this color.

WHAT I WORE: Top, PRE-LOVED | Shorts, BOUGHT ONLINE | Shoes, SM SUPERMARKET | Earrings, IG: @shoptwu | Bracelet, GIFT FROM A FRIEND

I am not ashamed to be one of those girls who buy pre-loved items from friends. Here is an example of one of the tops that I bought from my officemate turned friend who recently did a closet purge. What I like about this top is, again, the mustard color and the style. I can wear this casually and even at work. This type of design looks pretty decent when paired with a black pair of slacks.

This brown pair of lace shorts have been in my closet for so many years. I love the fact that it's garterized so it pretty much still fits me even if I gained a bit of weight since I first bought this one.

BROWN + MUSTARD Combination: What are your thoughts on this color combo?

For me, it's an absolute THUMBS UP!

To more mustard pieces of clothing in the future. But first, I think I need a closet purge too. Hmmm....

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