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Guess who's back with a new OOTD POST... ME!!!!!

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my almost three month hiatus. But I do have a very reason as to why I had to rest for a while.

Before I go to the OOTD post, allow me to share with you my good news. YOUR GIRL IS PREGNANT!

OH YES! MRS. A is not my only nickname from now on as I will assume also the moniker of MOMMY A! Ha ha! I found out in mid-November last year that I was expecting and I was already around 6 weeks pregnant at that time. Oh, and just my luck, my first trimester was SOOOOO HAGS! I suffered severe morning sickness since the time I found out up to the last week of December. I could barely eat anything during half of my first trimester and it weakened my body so much that I was advised to bed rest for two weeks. Whew!

Now I'm back on my feet, my energy is around 70% than it was before (versus the zero to negative energy I had while on bed rest) and here I am, sitting in front of my laptop ready to do show you guys a new #OOTD post of mine.

Here's a #THROWBACK photo to the first week of November of last year when I was already around 4 weeks pregnant and I had absolutely no idea that I was. Here are a couple of photos of me and MR. A and I spent our SUNDATE at one of our favorite malls in Davao City, SM LANANG PREMIER.

WHAT I WORE: Top, bought in Bangkok, Thailand | Shorts, NCCC Department Store (bought several years ago) | Shoes, Roxas Night Market Find | Earrings, SHOPTWU | Necklace, bought in Jakarta, Indonesia | Bag, DAVAO ANMARI  STRAW HANDMADES

If you read my #OOTD blogs, you would know that I always stress about the PLAIN + PRINTS rule. Just like this particular OOTD, in order to highlight the prints on my shorts, I decided to pair it up with a plain cream top that I bought from Thailand in 2014 (thank God it still fits me). Oh and as for the shorts, this is a reminder that NCCC Department Store in Matina used to be one of my favorite shopping destinations in the city. That's why I was really devastated when it burned into ashes in December 2017. And to think I was even there a day before the incident and shopped for a couple of items too. *sigh*

The shoes I consider a treasure, a one of a kind find. My sister and I took our best friend to Roxas Night Market one time before she went back to Dubai and we happened to stumble upon this cute brown with fur detail pair of flats on the Ukay-Ukay section. I have nothing against UKAY finds but I'm not really keen on buying 2nd hand shoes from the UKAY-UKAY. But I was lucky enough to find this pair and what's good about it was that it's actually brand new! It had a plastic and a tag on it when I found it. Oh, and would you believe it only costs Php 150?! Plus, it fit my feet perfectly. Such a lucky night!

Another item that I want to highlight in my OOTD post is one of my new favorite bags from DAVAO ANMARI  STRAW HANDMADES that's purely made from tie-box. To be honest, I prefer buying bags from local sellers than designer bags. Don't get me wrong, I love designer bags just like other women but I personally prefer supporting local products. #SUPPORTLOKAL - and this bag is just one of the many locally made bags that I own. I bought this for only Php 1,000 and it has to be the best purchases I did back in 2018.

I love how the fringes of the bag give more OOMPH to the whole outfit and the size of it is enough to fit my entire life lol (what I mean by that is that everything important that is non-human fit there like my wallet, cellphone, other documents, etc).

Do you want to own a locally made bag too just like this one? Check out this and other designs at DAVAO ANMARI  STRAW HANDMADES's Instagram account by clicking HERE.

There you have it... my first #OOTD post for the year 2019. I promise to post more before and after I give birth sometime in July. 


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